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Style Review: Frank & Oak Does Belts

Style Review: Frank & Oak Does Belts

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Frank & Oak is starting to take-over the internet menswear game. With their launch this past February, people everywhere have taken notice because of their high-quality clothing and their tag-line of providing menswear items all  $50 dollars and under. Monthly, Frank & Oak has released menswear staples like dress shirts, blazers, t-shirts and some accessories and now Frank & Oak has added belts to their laundry list of great pieces.

Frank & Oak will be releasing four belts today, all of which are made from Italian leather in Montreal, Canada. As an avid belt wearer, these belts by Frank & Oak are phenomenal. From the detailing to the overall craftsmanship, Frank & Oak has released four quality belts that you will want to get your hands on. Oh…I forgot to mention, these belts are only $35. Check out my video review of the Frank & Oak belts below.

Frank & Oak Belt Review

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Sabir M. Peele

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  • Good review. Today I purchased the Camden shirt in city. Can’t wait. If I like the quality of the shirt I’ll be sure to buy more items.

      • Thanks. Regarding belts. What color belts go with jeans? I have a medium tan belt that is of great quality that I wear with only blue jeans. Can a black belt go with dark denim?

        • Hi Dominic,

          A black belt can definitely be worn with dark wash denim. If you have a chestnut brown belt that works well too. Black leather shoes look great with dark wash denim.



  • I think your list works well the only other thing I would add is choose a leather belt that is all leather, some of the lower priced ones tend to have a different material on the back which separates from the leather after time. Go for quality after all you will wear it a lot.

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