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The Jardigan by Psycho Bunny

The Jardigan by Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny by Robert Godley, made a splash on the menswear scene in 2005 with rackish neckties with their infamous skull & cross-bones bunny emblem. Over the several years, the Psycho Bunny brand has expanded into a lifestyle brand carrying scarves, polo shirts, swimwear, knitwear, socks and sport shirts. Naturally, it was time for Psycho Bunny to take a leap into outerwear. Not only did Psycho Bunny step into outerwear, they did it with a nontraditional piece they call “The Jardigan”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Jardigan = Jacket + Cardigan. Courtesy of Psycho Bunny, I present the Jardigan.

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Dressing It Up

When the weather gets cool, I am first to admit that I don’t want to put on a heavy coat. When I had the chance to give these Jardigans a test run, the one thing that is evident is that they are heavy enough to withstand almost any cold temperature that northeastern US can throw my way. The Jardigan is 100% wool and is constructed with the fit of a varsity jacket (in my opinion) and the style of cardigan. The Jardigan’s fit is streamline, not bulky and can be worn as a dressier piece or it can dress up and otherwise casual look.

Some key components of the Jardigan:

  • 100% Wool fabric
  • There is a very sleekly designed zipper that is concealed by behind 7 buttons
  • The Jardigan is available in 3 colors (navy, black & camel)

Jardigan by Psycho Bunny (Size Medium) available in 3 colors – Cashmere Scarf by Psycho Bunny – Shadow Plaid Wool Trousers by Banana Republic

Toning It Down

Jardigan by Psycho Bunny – Suede & Leather Gloves by Zara

The versatility of the Jardigan is something that I feel is very important. Because of its sleek design, the Jardigan works well with a dressier outfit, however; this design translate well to a less refined denim look too. Since the fit resembles a varsity jacket, when pairing with jeans, the Jardigan feels right at home.

Style Tip

  • This Jardigan fits true to size and it should fit snug in the shoulders
  • Use the Jardigan as your indoor/outdoor piece like a blazer
  • The Jardigan will keep you warm, so think about what you will wear under it if you plan to wear it all day

Purple Gingham Shirt by GAP – V-neck sweater by H&M

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Special Thanks to Robert Godley & the Psycho Bunny crew for the Jardigans and scarves.



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