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Winter Wish List with Onassis Clothing x Men’s Style Pro

Winter Wish List with Onassis Clothing x Men’s Style Pro

Onassis Clothing Winter
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The holidays are quickly approaching and you are now thinking of ideas of things to get for your husbands, boyfriends, brothers, yourself or any other guy in your life. Being that I am very particular about the things that I wear, I can understand that it often difficult to shop for people like myself. To make this entire shopping and gifting process much easier for you this year, I have teamed up with Onassis Clothing to style 5 looks to inspire some great ideas for you and yours this holiday season. All the clothing in the post are from the Onassis Clothing Soho store located at 71 Greene Street in New York City.

Urban Jungle

Corduroy Blazer – Crewneck Sweatshirt – Red Mini Check Button Down Collar Shirt – Skinny Fit Jeans & Work Tote by Onassis Clothing | Duck Boots by Asos

For the guy that is always on the go, rain or shine, this look would be a great addition to their wardrobe. One of my favorite pieces from this look is the corduroy blazer. Corduroy blazers made a huge splash in the 70’s and today are making a resurgence. This particular blazer offer a tailored fit with a fine but rugged quality.

Quick Tip about skinny jeans:

As a guy with an athletic build, especially regarding to my legs, I never wear skinny jeans because they don’t fit. Most skinny jeans have some form of stretch fabric that makes them more like leggings than jeans. When choosing a skinny jean, make sure the fabric is 100% cotton or you will run the risk of looking bit feminine. In preparation for inclement weather, a pair of skinny jeans will allow you to tuck the bottoms of you pants into your duck boots to help you stay dry as a bone.

Bundle Up

Attack the winter with a full length wool trench this season. Finding ways to stay warm can be a huge challenge for guys. You may have a mid-thigh length trench or peacoat in your closet, but, this full length double breasted option will keep your entire body warm and will give you some intense winter “ass-kicking” swagger. As you can see, Onassis Clothing has expanded their brand to include some great ties, so you want to definitely make sure to add a few to your collection too.

Full Length Trench Tip:

  • Do not wear boots with this look unless you are trudging through blizzard like conditions. Wearing boots with this coat will make your legs appear nonexistent
  • For those extreme snow days, you may want to go with a shorter option in terms of your coat, while still being able to incorporate some warm layering pieces (ie, single breasted cardigan).

Layered for a Stroll

Chunky Grey Cardigan – Navy Chalk Striped Waist Coat – White Henley – Grey Slim fit jeans All by Onassis Clothing Soho

Since the fall has been in a constant state of flux in term of temperature, layering your looks is the safest option for any outfit. A heavy cardigan is a great alternative to a jacket and layers well over a waist coat. Most often, a waist coat is a very formal piece of menswear. To help break up the formality of a waist coat pair it with a henley shirt and a pair of jeans.

Tips about layer with cardigan:

  • Your cardigan should typically be the heaviest piece in your layered look, if you are using it as your primary piece of outerwear
  • A solid cardigan can ground any look, which gives you more freedom to experiment with different pattern in the pieces that are being layered over.
  • If you become too warm wearing the cardigan, take it off and stroll effortlessly. Just be sure not to stretch out your cardigan as you toss it around throughout your day
Burgundy Tassle Loafers by Johnston & Murphy

Double Breasted

During this winter season, you may be invited to a number of holiday parties and black tie events. Most guys do not own a tuxedo, however, there are some great alternatives that you should consider. The double breast waist coat is as formal as it comes without being stuffy. Onassis Clothing’s modern fit and cropped style with this waist coat will definitely turn heads as you enter the room. Complement the waist coat with a slim fit pair of wool pants and a tuxedo shirt all by Onassis Clothing. Earlier, I mentioned that Onassis has branch out into more menswear pieces and bow ties happen to be one of the additions. A silk, pindot bow tie is formal and stylish all at the same time. So give it a shot.

Quick style tip:

To get a more streamline look to this particular outfit, you will want to go beltless. If needed, you will want to take your trousers to a tailor to get the waist snuggly taken in.

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Just Chill

Belted Cardigan – Navy Chinos – V-Neck T-Shirt all by Onassis Clothing | Tassle Loafers by Johnston & Murphy

Of course you have to take some time to yourself and just relax. Event though you are relaxing, that doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a slob. Reach for this long, belted cardigan and have a hell of a relaxed day. This cardigan is extremely versatile and can be worn in a casual manner if a dressed up state. This particular style of cardigan is often referred to as a “grandpa sweater”. Don’t be fool. You don’t have to be up their in age to appreciate the comfort and style that this cardigan offers.

Style Tip(s)

  • Throw this cardigan over a v-neck t-shirt and you will have a relax and refined look all in one
  • A fine gauge turtleneck is another great option for this look.
  • Add a pair of brown or navy wool pants with this look to make it more refined.

Special Thanks to Onassis Clothing Soho and the entire Onassis & Morris King staff.

Photo/Video Credit : Marina T. Peele


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