So, if you had a chance stop by the “Preppy the Kangaroo O.I.C Mascot” Contest page via Facebook, you will see that Rashon Carraway (Mr. Goodwill Hunting) and myself are the two finalists for the “preppy” look contest. My look is more of the weekend nautical prep style and I would describe Rashon’s look as the midday dandy prep. Feel free to head to the Facebook page and vote on the poll (I am Prep Style #1, wearing my Onassis Orange Unstructure Blazer). One of the two of us could win a very handsome prize.This is a friendly contest and we would both be happy to be selected as the winner. Click here and you will be taking to the Preppy the Kangaroo OIC Mascot page where you can vote.


The poll that you will need to fill out is below the picture. The comment section is not the poll.


Vote wisely,


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