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Onassis Clothing x Fall/Winter Style

Onassis Clothing x Fall/Winter Style

It’s been a while since I’ve been blogging and I sincerely apologize for my absence. In my absence, I was able to take a trip to NYC to visit the showroom and store of one of my favorite clothing brands Onassis in Soho. This fall Onassis Clothing has set the tone for ultimate men’s style with great cardigans, waved dyed chinos, amazing blazers, knit and patterned double-sided scarves and phenomenal denim just to name a few things to expect.

New Double Breasted Cardigans x Double Sided Japanese Scarves

Not only was all the clothing in the store amazing, the Onassis store is beautifully crafted with natural woods, a boat (yup, there is a boat in there) and there is a cafe in the back where you can have a nice coffee, watch some television and surf the web via Onassis Wi-fi. It is hard to come to grips that the Fall/Winter seasons are just around the corner, however; Onassis Clothing Fall/Winter collection will have us outfitted very well. Here are a few pictures with some Onassis pieces to expect this fall and some that are currently for sale.

Three Button Grey Wool Blazer - Size Medium


Lightly Downed Vest


Corduroy Waistcoat Size Medium


Canvas and Leather Bag
Peak Lapel Blazer Size Medium


Onassis Mannequins

Special Thanks to Pablo Escotto, Kara Hughett and the Onassis Clothing brand for being such amazing hosts to Men’s Style Pro for a few hours and some great pieces that will surely pop up here.



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