Taking the leap into Spring: White Jeans

Striding through Skippack, Pa.| H&M Khaki Jacket | Lands End Navy Button Down Shirt| Brown Leather Belt | White Jeans by Converse

(Photo Credits to my wife : Marina T. Peele)

Spring is (Almost) Here

And there is no better way to take the leap in to my favorite season than pulling out a pair of white jeans. Recently, I had a guy ask me, “can a man wear white jeans and if so, how can you do it successfully?” These white jeans are a purchase of mine from over a year ago that made a few appearances last summer with some cheers and jeers from the masses. One way to rock white jeans is to pair them with simple cotton tops and suede loafers.

Pairing with White Jeans:

  • Navy tops go well with white jeans. To take the attention away from your jeans a navy top is a good option and plays on the nautical look.
  • A deep khaki or camel color jacket can really ground your white pants and definitely works well as a Spring piece.
  • Deep brown suede shoes can dress up your white jeans and still keep it casual.

Denim on Denim

Denim Shirt by HM | White Jeans by Converse | Yellow Wayfarers by Ray Ban

Going with the “Denim on Denim” look is something that is seen as difficult to pull off, but not a completely foreign look. A light-washed denim shirt goes well with white denim because;

  • The light tones in the shirt play well off of the white denim.
  • White denim looks more like a  cotton pant than denim
  • The textures of both materials are slightly more rough than a cotton top on denim, which add a great depth the look.
Tortoise Wayfarer via Ebay | Gingham Pocket Square by Merona | Socks by H&M


Duffle Bag via Ebay by Yellow Stone

Go Nautical

Polo by Lands End
Brown Suede Loafers by Mercanti Fiorentini

A staple in nautical clothing is white pants. By going with a simple navy and white striped long sleeve polo you can complete that nautical look. Since Spring is just creeping its way in, the long sleeve polo option works very well and is easy to pull off. It was about 55 degrees out when taking these shots and the wind started to kick up a few times, so throwing a polo over the denim on denim look offered another great option for a ready to wear white jean outfit.

Watch by Goer | Watch Band by J.Crew
Sabir M Peele

Founder & Creative Director

Founder & Creative Director of Men’s Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. Selected as one of the “5 Best Dressed Men In America” by Esquire Magazine in 2010 & as #GQFall 2013 Best Dressed Man. As of 2014, Sabir serves as a freelance brand ambassador & executive stylist for GQ Magazine & GQ Report. Outside of that partnership, Sabir serves as an independent brand consultant as well.

Reach me directly at SABIR@MENSSTYLEPRO.COM

  • I was skeptical when I saw the title of the post, but now having read through it and looking at the pictures you have me re-thinking white jeans. Not that I’ll be wearing any soon:)

    Great post Sabir!

    • Hey Antonio,

      I will say white jeans is a look that everyone would be comfortable pulling off. It does take a bit of confidence and a little know how when putting a look together with it.

      Thanks for reading,


  • Ben B

    Nice post, like what your doing with the blog. For the last look it appears that the polo is more slim than the denim shirt, did it not fill stuffy? I think what makes your posts unique is the affordability. I sent a follow request on twitter, if you could accept/follow. Keep up the style!

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Ben,

      I am actually wearing them both right now as I type this message and it is not stuffy at all. Both pieces are the same size and for the picture I didn’t do much adjusting. What is your twitter handle?

      Thanks for reading,


  • Great post excellent examples of how to pull off white denim. The first look is LAW!!! every piece is on point.

    • Hey Corey,

      I am happy that you are digging the looks.



  • Mr. Carraway

    I like it. I don’t often wear jeans, but I do have white linen and cotton pants. I think white is needful. Fresh and just makes you feel better.

    Good Look Peele.

    Mr. Carraway

    • Mr. Carraway,

      Thanks for dropping by as usual. I think I am going to pick up a pair of white cotton pants soon too. I’ve seen alot of linen out there and i just got a pair of pinstriped linen pants.

      Thanks for reading,


  • Mauri Richberg

    Classic Style. Exquisite. Thank you.

    • Aunt Mauri,

      Thank you for always dropping by.

      – Sabir

  • I like the idea of white jeans, very springy and fresh. On the other hand, I just don’t like white jeans in practice. I think a white trouser is more versatile and doesn’t run the risk of looking like an bad 80’s revival in case you aren’t on your styling A game that day. Totally not dissing your look Sabir, but it is a RISK.

    • Unguilty Pleasures,

      I do agree that if you go with white denim you have to be on point with your look or you will go down the wrong path. I will be picking up a white cotton pair of pants soon. That’s for the feedback.



  • Andreas

    Some awesome style advice, as per usual. One of the reasons that this look works so great on you is that you’ve got darker skin.

    If I’d be wearing white jeans and standing in front of a white wall you would’t be seeing much of me and it would look terrible. Time to work on my tan, methinks. 🙂

    • Hey Andreas,

      My darker skin does add to the look, however; if you pair your tops and outer well, you could pull this off too. I would go with a navy blazer.



  • Love it Sabir!

  • Jonathan

    Sabir, i love the white denim! question: what do you think about black suede on bottom and what would you wear atop. The nautical look is my fav but i feel like its consuming my look and want to change it up a little.


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