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It’s 6:30 in the morning and my alarm has been going off for the past 15 minutes. Currently, I am in Hartford Connecticut on business for a few days. Working in college admissions you will do a fair amount of travel for college fairs, high school visits and conferences. There is a national college fair taking place and it starts in a few hours from now. When packing outfits for trips of this nature it is good to come up with a “uniform” because you will want to look professional when meeting hundreds of prospective students and parents.

Cotton Nafy Blazer and Wool Plaid Pants by Banana Republic

Here are a few pieces that will never go out of style in a “Business Look“:

  • Navy Blazer : Very versatile and compatible with almost any pair of trousers from khakis to these plaid wool pants.
  • White Button Up Shirt : When all else fails, the white button up shirt will be your best bet with any business look. It is a good idea to have a couple white button up. I own three with one have French cuff so that I can wear cuff links or silk knots.
  • Plain White Pocket Square: Adding the simple and subtle detail of a plain white pocket square to your blazer’s chest pocket
  • Burgundy Loafers: This color loafer is a switch from the typical chestnut brown that you may have in your closet. Burgundy loafers have more a prominent red under-tones. Pairing this color shoes with most navy, grey or khaki is a great way to add a polished look to you work wardrobe.
Burgundy Tassle Loafer by Johnston & Murphy

Make you own twist on the “Business Look

Instead of going with the complete navy suit, I decided that a plaid pant would inject my sense of personal style and at the same time remain professionally classic. As a note, if you decided to go with a plaid or non-uniform pant avoid extremely loud colors because they may distract others from the focus of meeting with you which is to sell yourself.

Strolling the streets of Hartford Connecticut
Park in Downtown Hartford

It is warm enough to take a stroll without an overcoat, but, it is still breezy enough to throw on a scarf to keep warm. I found a great clothing store called Stackpole Moore Tryonthat carries some great menswear. There is a portion of the shop that does custom men’s clothing and that section is over seen by Mr. Lawrence Bagwell. Mr. Bagwell has a long history in men’s style and was a great resource of information on all things sartorial.

Stackpole Moore Tryon Magazine
Stackpole Moore Tryon Magazine
Sabir M Peele

Founder & Creative Director

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  • Mr. Carraway

    The good ole days of college recruiting. I remember visiting each table wondering who would accept me. Luckily they all did, I just had to choose. Good stuff. Great classic wardrobe pieces.

    Mr. Carraway

    • Hey Mr. Carraway,

      Its a good time. Hartford NACAC is bumping!

  • Marlowe Davis

    I recently found your site and I think that you do a good job at show what having great style is all about. I wish more men understand what it take in the details. Thanks for the Blog!!!!

    • Hi Marlowe,

      I am very happy that you enjoy my blog. Details are all what makes mens style great!



  • I like your dotted socks in that outfit.

    • Hi Gentleman’s Gazette,

      Thanks, I love those socks.



  • Ben B

    I like the fit of the blazer, is it also from BR?

    • Yes this blazer is from Banana Republic.

      – Sabir

  • ammar umrani

    Dear Sabir

    I have looked all over for a pair slim fit cargo pants
    I ran into this website and this is the exact type of slim cargo pants that i am looking for. I will be grateful if you could give me the website link to wear i can order them because i tried the onassis clothing link and it was no longer available. Thank you

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