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A Lady & A Gentleman

A Lady & A Gentleman

Me: French Cuff Shirt | Pocket Square by Clubroom | Midnight Blue Pants from Shipley and Halmos Suit| Navy Blue Tie via Ebay| on Marina : Dress by Asos | Silver Heels by Ralph Lauren
Painting by Christina Galagarza





















Wedding Season Begins:

Wedding season 2011 is in full swing. This past weekend one of our great friend’s, Hilary McNamara, got married to an awesome guy, Bob Gentile. Hilary is friend of ours from college. Typically, when getting ready for a formal event, I would go for my slim fit black suit, however; I like to switch things up and go a little off of the beaten path. On a beautiful “spring” (it’s still kind of cold outside) day in March, I thought it would be best to lighten up my formal look with a cotton grey blazer by H&M and light wool midnight blue pants by Shipley & Halmos. This look is a play on the traditional white dinner jacket and midnight blue tuxedo pant. With this option, I was able to compliment my wife’s dress, without looking like we were matching for a prom.

Last July 4th, Marina and I got married (yes there were firework, click here to see pictures). Our wedding was one of 5 that we attended in a 3 month period. Having a varierty options to wear to all these weddings is crucial if you want to be able to switch up your looks.

The Details:

Black on Black Watch by Armitron

Loafers by Johnston & Murphy










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Personally, I am a sucker for a nice silk pocket square. Traditionally, a white square for a wedding is the norm and to stray away from that is seen as “improper”. What is traditional may not be what you need to stick to when creating your look. The reasons I feel that this look works with the blues are because:

  • The navy and midnight blues are in the same color family and complement each other well.
  • The light grey stripe complements the blazer and white shirt.
  • Since I am not wearing a traditional black suit or tux the look warrants some added color.

As you can see I am wearing a pair of skull socks with this outfit. I like to add personal touches to all of my looks. When sitting down at the dinner table or breaking it down on the dance floor, people will get a quick glimpse at the footwear and their perception of you might change.

Bowtie by Antonio Ricci Couture


White Satin and Leather Braces by Clubroom
Cotton Blazer by HM

Staying formal with Braces & Black Loafers:

Since the event is still semi-formal a nicely shined pair of black loafers and white brace will bring the formal look back to this outfit.  Wearing braces with a tie really helps to:

  • Frame your face and the tie while not wearing a blazer
  • The pieces together show that understand the “formal-ness” of the event

Finally a picture with the beautiful bride

The beautiful and newly married Mrs. Hilary Gentile


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