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Not So Casual Friday

Not So Casual Friday

Brown Suede Wingtip Loafers by Mercanti Fiorentini


Typically, Friday is the day that most people will go casual with their wardrobe at their respective offices. For some office dressing “casual” means, jeans and a t-shirt, however; not all office adhere to that standard. I do agree that it is nice to “dress down” some days, but, as long as you are comfortable in all of your clothes dressing down is not necessary.

With this look there are casual elements. Loafers as opposed to lace up, waist coat as opposed to suit with a blazer, grey chinos and of course my London Fog driving cap.

This post is a quick preview of pieces that will have their own features soon from my wardrobe. Look out for a driving cap, trench coat and a grey denim post coming very soon.

Navy Unlined Trench by HM |Canvas Bag by Leeds
Purple Gingham Shirt by Gap | Brown Leather Gloves Thrifted
Purple Gingham Shirt by Gap | Brown Leather Gloves Thrifted| Waist Coat by Heritage


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