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Trending: Floral Print & Track Stripes

Trending: Floral Print & Track Stripes

Tallia Orange Sportswear

Bringing Summer & Speedy Vibes To Your Wardrobe

It’s no secret that guys have been getting into floral prints over the last year especially with camp collar shirts making waves like crazy. Showing us that florals for exclusives to vacations. Additionally, this season the track stripe is has also emerged in everything from sportswear to formal.

One of Men’s Style Pro’s favorite brands, Tallia Orange, just launched their first sportswear collection featuring both florals and track stripes (often combining the two).

Combo – Bomber Style

Tallia Orange Sportswear

Floral Track Jacket – Tallia Orange (via Macy’s Online) | Distressed Denim – Topman | High Top Sneakers – Michael Bastian

Let’s be completely honest, florals jackets can be hit or miss because they can have a novelty aspect to their design. So, the first thing you’ll need to do is find one with an easy base color to work with — like this one. The tricky part of the design that actually makes this jacket work — the track stripe.

Why This Jacket Works

  • Simple base color. Black is such a foundational color that can ground a floral pattern without even trying and works to making this jacket approachable
  • The pops of red are washed out. If the red was a candy apple hue, it would red completely different
  • The track stripe is a visual divider from the front to back of this jacket
Tallia Orange Sportswear
Tallia Orange Sportswear
Tallia Orange Sportswear

Let’s Get Sporty

tallia orange sportswear

Claret Bomber Jacket & Blue Stripe Track Jogger – Tallia Orange (via Macy’s Online) | White Sneaker | Watch – Michel Herbelin

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Every guy should add at least one pair of track stripe pants/joggers to their wardrobe this year. If you’re the guy that always wears basic grey or black sweats, a track stripe version will show off your new found appreciation of modern sportswear.

By now, you probably have at least one bomber jacket in your arsenal in black, navy or olive. Adding one with a floral detail and an eye-catching color is the new way making a style statement this season.

Why This Look Works

  • It’s a lesson in complementary colors
  • No one pattern stands out more than the other
  • It’s fun. And sometimes clothes need to have some personality

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