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The Power Of The Black Dial Watch 3 Ways

The Power Of The Black Dial Watch 3 Ways

Tudor Black Bay Heritage

Bring Your Wrist Over To The Darkside

Packing for a trip abroad often turns into an exercise in overpacking. How many jackets, pairs of underwear and phone chargers should you pack. Recently, I took a trip to Paris and decided that I only wanted bring along one timepiece for this journey.

I’ve partnered with Watchbox and selected a black dial Tudor Heritage Black Bay watch with a vintage leather band to take for a spin. Black dial & two-tone watches are trendy like crazy, but, most guys have trouble pairing them with pieces outside formal attire. Luckily, this post features three looks all based around the Black Bay watch to give you some inspiration on how to style it yourself.

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Parisian Moto Style

Tudor Black Bay Heritage

Heritage Black Bay Watch – Tudor via Watchbox | Suede Moto Jacket – Third & Bond | Black Turtleneck Sweater – H&M

First and foremost, Paris is an extremely chic city — so paying some attention to your style is a must. One thing I learned from the style people of this city is to keep your outfit simple. With a black & gold dial & case, pairing the Black Bay watch with an outfit in the same colorway is a no brainer.

Why This Style Pairing Works

  • It’s All About Textures! The vintage watch strap and suede textured jacket complement each other perfectly
  • The gold details & silver details pair well with the metal fixtures of the jacket. There’s a refined edginess to this combo
  • Size matters! With a 41mm case, this watch is substantial enough to hold its own with a moto jacket
Tudor Black Bay Heritage via Watchbox

Cafe Fresh

Heritage Black Bay Watch – Tudor via Watchbox | Custom Suit – Enzo Custom | Shirt – HM | Turquoise Ring – Degs & Sal | Black Leather Loafers – Beckett Simonon

A black suit is chic and pairing it with a black dial two-tone watch is the daytime style move you didn’t know you needed to make. Parisians make most things look effortless when it comes to style, rocking a black suit being one of them.

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Why This Look Works
  • Instead of opting for a plain white shirt, the black & white stripes adds a casual looks component that complements the watch perfectly
  • The monochromatic look allows the watch to standout but blends perfect with the suit
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Vintage Strap

Backpackin’ It

Tudor Black Bay Heritage Watch via WatchBox

Heritage Black Bay Watch – Tudor via Watchbox | Jacket – Zara | Striped Crew Neck Sweatshirt – HM | White Jeans – Levi’s | Colorblock Shoes – Zara | Greek Coin Medallion Chain – Degs & Sal

Refining a casual sporty look with an upscale watch is a true style upgrade. A black dial, when paired with the right look, comes off sporty (in just the right way). With a vintage strap, you’re giving off more team owner than player (actually, stylish player too). Plus, if David Beckham can rock one, you can do it too!

Why This Look Works

  • The overall color palette is simple letting the watch stand out just enough
  • The vintage strap adds some texture tot this look
Tudor Black Bay Heritage via Watchbox
Tudor Black Bay Heritage via Watchbox
Tudor Black Bay Heritage via Watchbox
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