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Behind The Brand: Gentry & Rose Denim w/ Aaron Pierce

Behind The Brand: Gentry & Rose Denim w/ Aaron Pierce

Aaron Pierce Designer of Gentry & Rose Denim Philadelphia

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Philadelphia-made Denim Brand

In the first installment of Behind The Brand, we’d like to introduce you to Gentry & Rose. At the helm of the Philadelphia-based, made in America denim brand is the mustachioed & tatted owner & lead designer – Aaron Pierce. After spending years as the in-house designer & master fitter at Philadephia-based men’s suiting brand, Commonwealth Proper, Pierce took his talents to the world of American-Made denim. 

Specializing is selvedge ready-to-wear & custom denim, Gentry & Rose is bringing high-end craftsmanship to a Philly market that has been seeing a retail boom over the last 5 years. Tucked away in the back of men’s clothing store, Franklin & Poe in Fishtown, G+R is making a name for itself in Philly menswear landscape. Our goal was to get a better sense of why crafting goods here in Philadelphia was so important to his brand’s ethos. 

Aaron Pierce of Gentry & Rose Denim

MSP: What made you decided to design denim?

AP: Denim has always been my passion – My career in fashion started working for Diesel in the early 2000’s – There I developed a sense for fit. Even though my philosophy on denim has evolved I always look back on my time there as an eye-opening experience. I then moved on to become a denim specialist for Barney’s New York and I was introduced to brands such as Nudie, APC, Naked and Famous, and Raleigh Denim – I owe Barney’s with helping to further my understanding of denim, it’s construction techniques and types (Selvage vs Projectile Loom, etc). Once I finished my tailoring training my business partner and launched Commonwealth Proper, focusing on custom and bespoke suiting – honing my skills with fit, measuring, and pattern making over 8 years before launching Gentry + Rose. 

Aaron Pierce of Gentry & Rose Denim Philly 3

MSP: How have people responded to the process of having custom denim made?

AP: Honestly the response has been overwhelmingly positive – Once people are exposed to the process it’s almost like an a-ha moment. It’s something they’ve always wanted, but never knew existed. When one thinks of custom clothing, suiting and shirting jump to the forefront – denim is at best an afterthought. Denim can be a very, very difficult process for certain people, fit issues being the major hurdle. Often times a client has found a fit they love and it’s been discontinued or they are unable to find the color they are looking for – We are here to provide proper solutions to those problems. It’s also a very cool experience to sit down and have a say in the end product. Being able to choose your fabric, thread, and hardware while sipping on a small batch bourbon during a private shopping experience isn’t so bad either.

Gentry & Rose Denim Philadelphia-made

MSP: How does Philadelphia influence Gentry & Rose?

AP: Philadelphia is my home and it has influenced all of my projects – There’s a refined grittiness to Gentry + Rose that’s without question influenced by Philadelphia – There’s immense beauty in our city, but it’s also a concrete jungle in certain sections. Living and manufacturing in Kensington, I’ve seen it all. Philadelphia is no longer a city on the rise, it has risen – There’s an incredible crop of young talent and many of the pioneers who paved the way are still running successful businesses here. It’s a perfect time to be living and manufacturing in Philadelphia.


Aaron Pierce of Gentry & Rose denim Philadelphia

MSP: You have some collaborations in the pipeline, which one has you most excited?

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AP: This is an impossible question to answer, as I’m incredibly excited about all of them. The collaboration with American Trench is exciting because we’re working together on a Tech Denim Jacket that I’ve been dying to release. The collaboration with Commonwealth Proper features Double Dyed Black Tech Denim and a run of Tech Stretch and Light Weight Chambray Button Ups – Craig and I designed the collection together from top to bottom and sourced all the fabric in Los Angeles, which was an awesome experience. The release for Lapstone & Hammer is coming up soon – working with Brian is always great and he always pushes me a little outside of my comfort zone. We are releasing a Brushed Twill Urban Utility Pant in multiple color options, as well as G+R’s first ever Washed Denim. Later this season we’ll have a super limited release with ToBox featuring a traditional raw American Indigo Denim in a classic straight leg fit. 

Visit to see the full run of their ready-to-wear or book an appointment for a custom fit experience. 

Location: 1817 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa (

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