Todd Snyder x PF Flyer White Rambler Hi Sneakers

White low top sneakers are a true summer staple, however, I’d like to make the case for the dopest high-top sneakers to cop right now. The Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi‘s are my pick for the best white sneakers of summer 2017.

Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi White Sneakers

Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi  (White) – PF Flyers* $16o

Why The Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi’s Are So Dope

As a strong enthusiast of high-top sneakers, I spend time finding out what I don’t like about a pair of kicks. To be honest, there isn’t anything I don’t like about these Rambles, but, I would modify one design feature — the lambskin lining.

Let be clear, this lining is supple, luxe and everything you want in a shoe. However; if these kicks were lined with breathable canvas, it would change the game. To be honest, I’m probably being overly detailed-oriented. 

They’re Perfect For Suiting Up

Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi Sneakers 1With minimal details and a silhouette reminiscent of a Chelsea boot, you can rock these with a suit. Yes, you can wear high-tops with a suit and not look like a disaffected teenager. 


Suited Up Style Tip

Have your tailored taper the legs of your pants nice and trim. Wide-legged pants and high tops don’t mix (especially with suit). Lastly, ask for a hem that slightly above the top of your sneakers

Keepin’ It Sporty

Do you rock joggers? Then you should pair them with these kicks. They’ll elevate your sweats and when you roll up to brunch, you won’t look like you just let the gym.


Comfort is king with these kicks. The insole is heavily padded, making it easy to break them in.

Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi Sneakers 4Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi Sneakers 3

Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi Sneakers 2

Todd Snyder x PF Flyers Rambler Hi Sneakers 5

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