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My Philly Summer Suit Style Story with Indochino

My Philly Summer Suit Style Story with Indochino

Sabir M. Peele In Indochino Linen Suit

Everybody knows that I’m from Philly and I’m extremely proud to represent my city in all my travels. One question that seems to fall into my email often is “how do I rock a suit during the summer months with the sweltering city heat?” To be honest, I don’t rock suits all summer (surprised), but, when I do the options are – linen, cotton or tropical wool. 

To give you a glimpse into my Philly summer suiting style, I’ve partnered with Indochino, who has a showroom at 128 S. 17th Street (Rittenhouse section of Philly) to present My City. My Suit. My StyleI’ve customized their Grey Linen Highlighted Stripe Suit to reflect all the things that I like and I take your around Center City & Rittenhouse on a Sunday.

If you feel inspired or you’re in need of a new suit, think about setting up an appointment at the Philly Showroom here

Sabir M. Peele In Indochino Linen Suit

Custom Linen Striped Suit – Indochino || Knit Tie – Thomas Pink || Kiltie Monk Strap Shoes – Asos || Washed Denim Shirt – H&M 

Philly is a city of movers, hustlers and creatives. No matter if you’re hustle is fashion, sports, finance, food, music, art or academia — Philly is a land of non-stop motion. When I think of my style and why I gravitate toward suit, it’s because I see a bit of art in every suit I wear. Like anything in regard to style, the details are what makes an outfit all your own. 

When I was coming up with the customizations for this suit, part of my design process had to do with functionality. Let’s start with jacket! Most suits that I have custom-made are always created with a half or unlined jacket. When it comes to linen fabric, it only makes sense to opt for a half or unlined jacket because you want it to be breathable and drape the body well. Over the last year, my jacket pocket preference has switch to patch pockets. Traditional flap or besom suit pockets aren’t really made to be functional, but, patch pockets alleviate those issues. So, patch pockets are a go for me. 

Let’s address the issue of the two-inch cuffs that I get on most of my pants. The purpose for cuffs is to add some weight to the legs. With a fabric like linen, some added weight is needed so your pants are flopping about.

Most days of the week I’m working – even on a Sunday and I need a suit that works with me. The fit, fabric & details are three pillars of what makes a suit perfect. Working in the menswear & brand consulting space, I have freedom to wear what I please — so I can add details that are non-traditional with a care. That brings up the issue of wide peak lapels. Even though I’m not a big guy, I do have wide shoulders (18.75 inches). Slim lapels are not proportional for my frame.

Check out the image gallery below 

My days in downtown Philly (yes, I still refer to Center City as Downtown) are spent in meetings and often a ton of outdoor experiences. What I love about Philly is the people, the mixture of new & old architecture, outdoor eating venues and continual amount of movement. My routine is almost always the same when I come downtown — I park in the same lot near City Hall, stroll around PAFA to see the airplane (see gallery below) and grab some wine at the Josè Garces restaurant at City Hall. I’ll take a few meetings and then people watch.

There’s a comfort level in the people of Philly that shaped my style. Something you’ll learn about Philly-people is that they like what they like and are confident about their decisions. My style is 90% confidence & 10% experience and I’m happy that Philly made me this way. 

Sabir M. Peele In Indochino Linen Suit

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Sabir M. Peele In Indochino Linen Suit


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