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Bold (Winter) Suiting: The 70’s Inspired Brown Checked Suit

Bold (Winter) Suiting: The 70’s Inspired Brown Checked Suit

StudioSuits Bold Plaid Suit Review On Men's Style Pro

The 70’s was known for many things, one of those things being bold style. Bell bottom pants, falcon wing-sized shirt collars and or course the exploded plaid suit. We’re not talking about the subdued shadow plaid suit that you may have inherited from your grandfather that’s come full-circle today. We’re talking about the beefy patterned suit that all groovy cats were rockin’. Ok, that was cheesy, but, you get my point. We’ll call this the non-conformist suit.

The suit in this feature is a custom piece that I designed via

StudioSuits Bold Plaid Suit Review On Men's Style Pro

Custom Brown Wool Checked Suit – StudioSuits // Vintage Brown Knit Tie // Denim Cutaway Collar Shirt – H&M // Blue Edged Pocket Round – // Guillaume II Boots – Cobbler Union // Gold Watch – Peugeot || Hunter S. Thompson Aviators – Boast USA

There’s one thing you must have to rock a bold plaid suit- BALLS! I mean Confidence! In the grand scheme of menswear garb, this style of suit is the sartorial equivalent of peacock’s plumage. You’re going to turn a few heads and of course, it wasn’t unintentional. Not for the style novice, there are some key things you’ll want to consider before going full American Gigolo. 

Style Tips For Bold Plaid Winter Suiting

  • Winter Weight Fabric: this type of bold pattern needs a nappy fabric to add some depth. Your typical four season worsted-wool suits are too flat, giving the pattern of your suit a dizzying effect. When a pattern is check on check, with no real blank color spacing– your heavy-duty wools are the best option to subdue the look
  • Best As Separates: even if you have the brass ones to rock the full suit, you’ll get my juice out of this look if the pieces are worn as separates. Pair the jacket with you favorite pair of dark wash jeans and a pair of broken in longwing Oxfords or a captoe boot. The pants can be worn with just about anything. Think about pairing them with a turtleneck sweater and leather jacket for a mod-inspired look
  • Rich Shirting : As with this particular look, a deep & rich colored shirt is the perfect complement to your bold suit.  Use your shirt as the ground agent of this look. Many brands release brushed cotton shirts during the cold months and they would be the perfect pairing with this type of suit. Brush cotton shirt feel like flannel, but, aren’t irritating to the skin and are often in richer colors
  • Have Fun: If you’re wearing this suit, but, are taking yourself too seriously — you’re doing the suit a disservice

StudioSuits Bold Plaid Suit Review On Men's Style Pro

StudioSuits Bold Plaid Suit Review On Men's Style Pro

StudioSuits Bold Plaid Suit Review On Men's Style Pro

StudioSuits Bold Plaid Suit Review On Men's Style Pro

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Photography: Marina T. Peele

Styled//Authored//Modeled: Sabir M. Peele



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  • Would love to know how this new brand compares to brands like suitablenyc, Combatant Gentlemen, etc.. Would love to talk more about it Sabir.


    • I haven’t worked with suitablenyc, but, have recently worked with Combatant Gentleman. I’m doing a separate post on both StudioSuits & Combatant Gents all within the next week.

      – Sabir

  • This is an awesome post! I’ve noticed a lot of designers like Tom Ford are incorporating trends from past decades. I think this is a really sexy trend because it takes a lot of confidence to pull off this look without looking cheesy. I’m excited to try some of these 60s and 70s inspired looks. Well done man!

  • what is the shoulder pad like? It seems like rumple up like some of my less than well fitting (and never to be worn again) Men’s Wearhouse rigs…

  • Appreciation for a style also comes with an appreciation of where that style came from. Sabir, you sure know your style’s roots, which we here at Bleu Magazine really appreciate! We would love to have your input on putting a few pieces together for an article, collaborating on new looks to try out would be great for both of our brands. Check us out at and contact us if intrested.

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