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Winter Essentials: The Wool Topcoat

Winter Essentials: The Wool Topcoat

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Winter outerwear doesn’t have to be relegated to just parkas and puffer vests. Rocking a topcoat can keep you just as warm and adds a refined element to your look. This post features three different topcoats from StudioSuits, Natural Selection and Indochino

What’s a Topcoat? They’re essentially overcoats, however; overcoats are typically knee-length and are meant to be worn over suits. You can wear a topcoat over a suit as well, however; a proper topcoat should measure to hit mid-thigh. 

Style Tips

  • Hugs the shoulders, tailored torso and mid-thigh in length
  • Layer it up. Use denim jackets, vests and cardigans 
  • Contrast the rest of your look. Every once in a while, pair your topcoat with contrast colors (see example written in last look)

 Vintage Red Tweed 

StudioSuits Custom Vintage Red Tweed Topcoat

Custom Vintage Red Tweed Topcoat – StudioSuits || Shadow Plaid Wool Vest & Topcoat – Ted Baker || Hunter S. Thompson Aviator Sunglasses – Boast || Denim Cutaway Collar Shirt – H&M || Herringbone Wool Tie – Uniqlo || Guillaume II Boots – Cobbler Union 

Finding and committing to topcoat that outside of the normal blue, brown and black color spectrum seems like a foreign concept to most guys. Not every guy looks to the runways of Paris & Milan for inspiration, however; we should look to the ladies for a bit of outerwear style inspiration when it comes to stepping into color. 

Red is a power color and looks great with almost anything. Besides standing out in a crowd, you’ll never lose a red coat at a party when everyone tosses their coats in a bedroom. This particular coat is a vintage red tweed from StudioSuits. When you take a closer look at the fabric of this coat, you’ll see a subtle herringbone pattern that has some black color markings. This mix of black and red all the coat from appearing flat. 

When I designed this particular coat, I had it cropped short to mid-thigh length. The reasoning behind this cropping was to give off a modern feel and add a bit of versatility to the piece. This topcoat was made to be worn with everything, especially with the unexpected — think black or white jeans, over suits and everything in between. 

StudioSuits Custom Vintage Red Tweed Topcoat

StudioSuits Custom Vintage Red Tweed Topcoat

Navy Shawl Collar Peacoat 


Natural Selection Mackinaw Shawl Collar Peacoat

Mackinaw Shawl Collar Peacoat – Natural Selection || Denim Jacket – ASOS || Chalk Stripe Wool Pants – Jack Wills || LunarGrand Suede Chukka Boots – Cole Haan || Custom Tokyo Pris Sunglasses – Lookmatic || T-Shirt – Feathers 

The pea coat is the quintessential topcoat. Rooted in a history of the Navy, the pea coat is a synonymous with perseverance and style. Built to last the cold blasts of winter, especially when drifting through the ocean on a navy vessel, the double-breasted pea coat is a winter essential that every guy should own.

With modern a take on the classic pea coat, London-based brand, Natural Selection is running away with this years best interpretation with their Mackinaw Pea coat. The wide shawl collar isn’t just a stylish addition, it’s highly functional for keeping your neck rather toasty when the hawk (ie. deathly cold winds) is out. 

Natural Selection Mackinaw Shawl Collar Peacoat

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Natural Selection Mackinaw Shawl Collar Peacoat

Cole Haan LunarGrand Chukka

Camel Coated 

Indochino Camel Topcoat On Men's Style Pro

Custom Camel Color Wool Topcoat – Indochino || Cable Knit Burgundy Sweater – H&M || Off White Jeans – Uniqlo || Italian Calfskin Loafers – Paul Evans || Hunter S. Thompson Sunglasses – Boast USA 

This custom camel color topcoat by Indochino has been featured on the site over the last two years and hopefully will be featured for many years to come. The neutral color complements everything in your wardrobe and can be seen as an outerwear blank canvas. 

Two Style Tips & Challenge

  • Pair your camel topcoat with other neutral pieces and one rich bold color piece
  • Rock and all black look and throw your camel topcoat over it. The contrast in colors are fresh and slightly urban

Indochino Camel Topcoat On Men's Style Pro

Paul Evans Loafers

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