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Style Review: Dragon Inside Custom Suits

Style Review: Dragon Inside Custom Suits

Dragon Inside Suit

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Custom The Dapper Navy Double Breasted Suit by Dragon Inside

In a recent post, I mentioned that I will be doing a few reviews of some custom suit brands and their products. The first up brand up to bat for review is Dragon Inside. 

The Who:

Brand: Dragon Inside (Online Custom Clothier) @DragonSuits (Twitter) and Dragon Inside on Facebook.

The What:

Custom suits, custom pants, custom waistcoats, custom tuxedos and accessories (ties, cummerbunds and fabric swatches). The fabrics come from UK and Italian mills (current fabrics are 100% superfine merino wool 110s, 120s and 130s). Blazers are all fully canvassed and not fused (which is a huge plus, in terms of longevity/quality of fabrics). Turn around time for ordering to arrival at your door is 20 days.

The Custom Details:

In terms of the blazer you can customize your lapels, jacket vents, button style (two, three, single or double-breasted, jacket lengths, a few selections of solid color linings, functional buttons of sleeves, functional boutonniere, ticket pocket, slanted pockets, pen pocket, pick stitching, jetted pockets (no flaps) and a flower loop.

In regard to pants, the option of pleated or non-pleated exists. You can also add/remove belt loops, cuffs or back pockets.

Men’s Style Pro’s Opinion:

The fit of this suit is spot on. The only alteration I had done was having the legs tapered from the knee down (which I often do to trousers). One of the great things I like about Dragon Inside is that they do all of their measurements in centimeters (which leads to a more accurate fit). Moving forward, I would like to see more fabric and pattern options, lining, button and contrast stitching options. Also, the ability to select a half or quarter-lined option would be superb.

Pindot tie by Dragon Inside Vintage Pin in Lapel via Ebay – Pocket Square by The Tie Bar – Custom Shirt by Enzo Custom Clothiers

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Follow Dragon Inside on Twitter @DragonSuits and like them on Facebook @DragonInside.




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    • I would say that Indochino does have more variety in terms of fabrics, features and accessories to Dragon Inside. The quality for the in regards to the Essential suits and the Dragon Inside suit are comparable.



    • Hi Chad,

      I would say fully canvassed is the better option and superior in fit. Some brands that do a mix of both have found a solid window where the probability of the suit coming apart is low. Risk to the buyer I guess.



  • Sabir, I love the blog Bro. Quick question, I find that I’m in between sizes (44R and 46R) with my suits and blazers. Is it better to buy a 44 and have it let out or buy a 46 and have it taken in?

    • Hi Jason,

      So, depending on the type of money and the expected longevity of your suits, I was just go custom. If you are pay 300 to 400 for a suit that is off the rack, then paying another 55 to 70 dollars to have the jacket taken it, you could have done the same buying a custom suit. As you can see Dragon Inside offers custom suit online. So can put all of you exact measurements to get that perfect fit. Search “custom” on Men’s Style Pro and see what comes up for you.

  • @Sabir – thank you for featuring our suit!

    @oziejackson – our fabrics come from Italian and European mills (rather than China). We are a much smaller company than Indochino, and that allows us to have a more personal approach & spend more time on each order. We usually get in touch with our clients after each order to confirm and clarify the measurements and features of the suit – we never have someone on the production floor guessing what you need and like.


  • I have ordered a suit from Dragon Inside and from Indochino, and although I like both, I can confirm that the people at Dragon Inside are MUCH more responsive and helpful. You really feel they are taking the time to create a custom piece for you. I also think the quality of their fabric is a bit better.

  • @Sabir, BTW I am quite certain that we will be adding a quarter-lined option, with one of our upcoming collections. I love deconstructed jackets, and it’s high on my list of priorities. New fabrics are also on the way, so we are working on your suggestions.


  • I’m so glad you posted this, I took a risk and ordered a tux and grey 3 piece from them after someone at another site mentioned them. Got a crazy great deal so it made it a lot easier to pull the trigger. Bobby has been awesome with answering questions, giving suggestions, last minute changes, questioning measurements; I really messed up my pant length reusing measurements from another MTM site that never updated after I told them my inseam so he saved me.

    Now I’m excited to get the suits and compare to other brands, I almost bought an indochino Vincero today with their sale but $500(@ %30 off!) for a fused hybrid suit is just insane in my book. Also there have been people saying they got jackets where the insert wasn’t fully done which put me off.

    I do want to rock a white vest at some point though so I may go for the lower end just to give them a try and get the vest for cheap 😉

  • Sabir,

    Love your site and thanks for the review! As far as measurements go, did you tweak any of the measurements you input into the site or left it exactly as how Dragon Inside asked for?

  • I can’t say I’m a real fan of Dragon Inside custom suits…. At times it looks like high quality apparel, but in this case it doesn’t. The styling is the only thing saving his outfit all together.

  • Every picture of a Dragon Inside suit I have seen the buttonholes look sub par compared to other MTM Manufacturers. Since you have had the privileged of sampling others how do they compare?

  • Hi – great website – i’m a philly local. can I ask where you found the gold lapel pin on your dragon inside suit? I just got into lapel flowers from hook and albert. btw, picking up my new custom suit from enzo’s tomorrow. thanks

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the kind words. I actually got this safety pin via ebay for $3. Definitely look into lapel flowers from and too! Enjoy your Enzo Custom Suit!



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