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Music Fridays : JUSTICE – “New Lands”

Music Fridays : JUSTICE – “New Lands”

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Music & style are two things that have always been synonymous. From the first installment of music videos, the goal was always to one-up the next artist in terms of visuals, budgets, style and total visual experience. Music videos are where many people pull inspiration from for their personal style, whether it’s directly from the artist or the message of their music/videos.

Moving forward, Men’s Style Pro will now present “Music Fridays”. Weekly, we will deliver a video/song that stands out for its style (musically & visually) from artists all-round the world. Personally, my music style includes Tupac, Daft Punk, Carole King, Robin Thicke, Kanye West and Michael Jackson just to name a few. The first installment of Music Fridays comes from JUSTICE. JUSTICE is a French electronic duo that has a sound similar to Daft Punk but are a bit more instrumental. In 2007, JUSTICE played the Trocadero in Philly and I went to see them in concert and it was an amazing experience (for those that attended this concert with me remember how crazy that night was). 

This video below is for their song New Lands. Stylistically, this video reminds me of a mix between the new Speed Racer movie that was released a few years ago and Rollerball. JUSTICE videos always deliver a great story and outstanding visuals. 

Director Credit: Canada

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