EAU De LACOSTE L.12.12 Men’s Fragrance Review & Google Hangout

Lacoste Limited Edition L.12.12 Blanc “Beauty of the Game” Men’s Fragrance

One rule of thumb that I live by in terms of grooming is that every man should have a signature sent. In the spirit of the Olympics, LACOSTE is releasing their limited edition version of their best-selling fragrance named EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Blanc. This fragrance and glass flacon was designed/modeled after the LACOSTE classic L.12.12 white polo originally designed by Rene Lacoste (legendary French tennis star) in the 1920’s, while he was dominating the tennis world. The packaging of this one-of-a kind fragrance is clean and simple, just like the L.12.12 polo that it’s modeled after. Starting with the outer packaging, the box displays the trademark crocodile logo, however; this new limited edition features crocodiles colored to represent flags from a variety of countries the world. The countries that are featured are: the U.S.A., Spain, France, Argentina, Australia, UK, Brazil, Japan, Germany and South Africa. 

As a tribute to founder Rene Lacoste and to celebrate the “Beauty of the Game”, the green crocodile that is synonymous with the LACOSTE brand has been affixed on the flacon right where it appears on the L.12.12 polo shirt (over the heart of the bottle). The fragrance itself is very dynamic with many notes and ingredients that I will discuss at 12 noon, August 3rd  via a live stream on Men’s Style Pro Youtube. Feel free to watch it live via the MSP Youtube channel or above in this very post. The primary way to watch this video will be via the Men’s Style Pro Google+ Hangout. This fragrance is available via the LACOSTE website or in-store at Bloomingdales. LACOSTE colognes are my primary fragrance and it is great to see so much dedication and detail that was put into this campaign to continue with the legacy of Rene Lacoste. Below is a video from the “Celebrating the Beauty of the Game” LACOSTE campaign, where you can see the inspiration for the fragrance bottle from the L.12.12 polo shirt. At noon I will explain what the L.12.12 means.



Sabir M Peele

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