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Navy 3 Piece Suit by Indochino

Navy 3 Piece Suit by Indochino

Indochino Navy Three Piece Suit

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If you are a reader of men’s style magazines, style blogs, or if you’ve talked to any guy with a bit of style know-how, they’ve probably preached the versatility of the navy blue suit. So for the millionth time, invest in a well-crafted navy blue suit (preferably a 3 piece). Getting your suit off the rack is a suitable (pun intended) choice when buying a suit for most guys, however; the option of getting a custom suit made has now become affordable. If finding a local tailor in your neighborhood is not possible due to high prices or availability, turn to Indochino. The key to working with an online custom menswear company is getting accurate measurements taken. You’ll need to get your measurements from a local tailor, a dry cleaner or maybe a friend with some tape measure skills. Once that part is done you can start building your suit online, and within three weeks you’ll have a suit customized to your personal preferences, delivered right to your door.

The next step is styling your navy suit once you get it home. I’ve decided to show a few looks to  inspire you to rock your new navy suit or give your old suit some new life.

Waist Coat & Black Shoes

Navy Waist Coat & Trousers from custom 3-piece suit by Indochino – Plaid Shirt by Onassis Clothing – Leather Loafer by Robert Wayne

The general rule of thumb when it comes to pairing shoes with a navy suit is to avoid black. Don’t let the nay sayers dictate your style. A pair of black shoes can look very distinguished with a navy suit. The most important thing to remember when pairing black shoes with your suit is that the silhouette of your shoes should be sleek and your soles shouldn’t be chunky.

For this particular suit, I selected a 1.5 inch cuff on the trousers. One inch cuffs on pants are pointless because they don’t add enough weight to your pants. The purpose of cuffs on trousers is to weigh down the legs of your pants and keep them straight. Personal preference will dictate the amount of break you will allow in your pants(break refers to the slight dimple when your pants hit your shoes). My preference is no break because I like to show my shoes and my socks. This type of break isn’t for everyone, so choose wisely.

Full 3 Piece (Dress like a boss)

3 piece custom navy suit by Indochino – Silk tie by Merona – Custom Purple & white bengal striped shirt by Enzo Custom Clothier in Philly – Cabarris Penny Loafers by Johnston & Murphy – Egg White Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson

When in doubt, brown or camel colored shoes complement a navy suit best. 

Sneakers and a Polo

Custom 3 piece navy suit by Indochino – Green Polo Shirt by H&M – White Canvas Sneaker by Lands’ End Canvas – “Shy Guy” linen pocket square by Armstrong & Wilson

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Pairing sneakers with a suit is often referred to as “sacrilegious”. Listen up guys. If you want to wear sneakers with a suit, you must keep your kicks simple. A pair of leather or canvas white sneakers pairs best with a navy suit. If you’ve decided to rock a pair of sneakers, dress down your look by going with a casual shirt. Pairing a polo shirt with your suit is a great option to switch up from the norm. 

Honestly, there is nothing better than having a suit custom-made for you. Indochino is definitely an innovator in the online menswear market and there suit are top-notch.

Be sure to check out and follow them on Twitter. @Indochino

Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele



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  • Got to your site from a retweet. The suit looks really good on you! Think my man’s getting that exact suit for his birthday! Love the blog.

    • Hi Noah,

      Thanks for dropping by. When temps over 70 hit, I go sockless. I was my feet daily and powder as needed. You can also get loafer socks too. Especially if you want the sockless look, but, dont want to be sockless.



  • Very proud of your innovative style!! Just wondering what brand of shades you wear in the first few photos and where I may be able to purchase them?

  • Dr. Style Pro, long time no speak!

    You know, I’ve seen the advertisements for Indochino but have never met anyone that actually had a custom made suit from them….. I’ve only seen the stock photos from their website. I’m so glad you posted these pics because I’m quite impressed with the draping and fit of your suit. For sure I’ll be contacting them.


    • Ramsay,

      It’s been a while buddy. I am a fan of Indochino and their fabrics. Make sure you get all of the measurements you can think of: Knees, biceps and the usual suspects.



  • Great looks! I have been thinking about ordering an Indochino suit for a while and have been reading reviews online, but I highly trust your judgement because I trust your style so I think this seals the deal in me ordering from there. Thanks!


  • Love the suit! Very classy. I have a midnight blue tuxedo from indochono and it fits wonderfully! I am curious to know the exact model of your watch as I would like a Rolex but am not fond of most models, however I really like yours!

  • Sabir,

    I’ve been on the fence about about an Indochino suit for a while. The pants and the vest look like they fit perfect. However, the shoulder pads on the jacket appear a little strong. I also noticed that the lapels look a little wrinkly (is that even a word?) in a few pictures. What’s your take on the shoulder pads and the quality of the fabric?


    • Hi Ken,

      To address both issues. The shoulder pads aren’t really strong. When you put in your measurements, you put in your shoulder type (slopping, athletic, etc). The issue with the lapels is more of needing a steam. I was sitting with a seat belt on before I took this picture. The fabric is on point.



  • Sabir – looks like they got the measurements and fit just right – I’d heard some horror stories about submitting measurements and still getting an ill fitting suit from indochino. Did you have to have the suit re-made or modified by your tailor after purchase at all?

  • The way yo pair the suit with multiple combinations is just quite wonderful. Thanks for the awesome advice! Also, was kinda wondering how you stay in such awesome shape? I know weird question but just wanted to ask.

  • Hey Sabir,
    Is it appropriate to wear a cotton blazer with matching chinos (as a suit) or should I elect to pay double for a pair of cotton trousers? Thanks, you’re the best!

  • How tall are you? You look about 5’5″. Reason I ask is cause I’ve read that short men should avoid cuffs on pants cause it makes they’re legs look shorter. You have good syle sensibilities though.

  • Hey Sabir
    Love your website. I notice you like cuffs on your pants, so what’s your views on cuffed pants on short men? Apparently there’s a rule of thumb that says short men should avoid cuffs because it represents a horizontal line…but I like them because they give weight to the pants and allow it to drape better, especially with certain fabrics.

    • Hi Gazman,

      So this will address both of both of you questions. The horizontal line created by the cuff is often the issue why “shorter” guys should not wear cuffs. Even though that is the general rule, a cuff can be executed well, IF, the leg opening is tailored. So, most guys look the best in a traditional hem, but, i think a tailored cuff trousers with little to no break looks amazing.



  • Hey man, not sure if you’ll be seeing this 1 year after the fact, but I’ll give it a whirl:

    How do you go about tapering the leg on your trousers? I have a similarly athletic physique, to the point where a straight leg (or close to it) leg will look downright silly on my calves/ankles with or without break…on top of that, I have relatively slim ankles, so the narrower the leg opening the better.

    I guess what I’m asking is do you taper the trouser leg from the knee down, or have different measurements for the knee/calf and ankle?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m looking at about 4 pairs or trousers that I’m looking to modernize LOL.

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