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Sock it to Me Design-A-Sock Contest

Sock it to Me Design-A-Sock Contest

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Often the most forgotten piece of a man’s wardrobe is a vibrant pair of socks. More often than not, I say that if you are going to wear a pair of socks with your outfit, those socks should have some personality. Socks are one of those areas where the average guy will play it safe and throw on a pair that matches his trousers. Matching your trousers is always a rule of thumb; however, sometimes you have to break those rules and express your style with some color, design and pizzazz!

My personal stash of Sock It To Me socks

For those guys that are heavy into stylish socks, there must be those times that you wish you could find a pair of socks in a certain design. You may have even thought of designing your own socks to fulfill that need. For those of you that may have a knack for drawing, Sock it to Me is here to give a few lucky “designers” the opportunity to draw up some sock designs that may be featured in their fall line. The contest opens on March 14th and will close on March 23rd. The grand prize winner will get $1000 cash for their design and their sock will go into production. Click here to read about past winners and learn how to submit your design. The winners will be announced on April 6th via the Sock It To Me Facebook Page.

How To Enter:

Starting March 14th, you can enter the sock designer via:

  • Email your design to, or
  • Postal Mail:   Sock It To Me
  •                     1040 SE Clinton
  •                     Portland, OR, 97272

Best of luck on designing some killers socks. Be sure to follow Sock it to Me on Twitter via @SockItToMeSocks.



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