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Interview with Jace Lipstein aka The Grungy Gentleman

Interview with Jace Lipstein aka The Grungy Gentleman


You have seen a lot of my face all over Men’s Style Pro and features on my personal style, so I thought it was time to showcase another young man taking hold of the men’s style world. Jace Lipstein, aka The Grungy Gentleman is the creator and author of the site bearing his aka ( where he showcases some great things in the world of men’s style via interviews and some brief appearances modeling some apparel. Make sure you check out his posts because you will see some major players in men’s style like Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Bastian, just to name a few. Recently, Jace was named the Men’s Fashion Director of Singer22. Check out this interview with Men’s Style Pro and Jace.

Men’s Style Pro interview Jace Lipstein

MSP: Tell me about your website Grungy Gentleman?

Jace: I talk about clothes a lot.

MSP: If there is a person in the men’s style world that embodies “the Grungy Gentleman” look/lifestyle who would that person be and why?

Jace:  Oh gosh. I would love to say Lapo. But to be honest, my style is pretty boring and preppy.

MSP: What would you consider your 3 style pieces that you must have?

Jace: A navy blazer with gold buttons, a great pair of chinos, and always dig a trench.

MSP: Who are your top 4 style inspirations?

Jace: Lapo Elkann, Nick Wooster, Brad Goreski, and Tom Ford.

MSP: You were recently appointment Men’s Fashion Director at Singer22, can you tell me how that came about and a bit about Singer22?

Jace: Singer22 is emerging as a force in the industry. They called me in and we both shared the same passion and vision for the menswear division. So it was kinda a no-brainer. We are expanding and fast; both online and in retail space. Look out for stores in Long Island, NYC, LA, and Miami. We are super-excited to have some rad brands sign on: Simon Spurr, Riviera Club, Burkman Bros, Steven Alan, VINCE, Belstaff, GANT Rugger, Florsheim by Duckie Brown, Olasul, Rogue, Genetic Denim, Del Toro, Kiel James Patrick, and a whole bunch more.

MSP: What would you say your biggest achievement has been in men’s style?

Jace: I am really just a fan of menswear.

MSP: Are there any major projects or collaboration that you are currently working on?

Jace:  I am designing for Dickies. The spring’12 line is killer, I am stoked! Have a bunch of collaborations coming out as well. My own line is dropping for fall ’12. And next week my creative fashion house launches, SoCreo. I am very fortunate to have such amazing partners in Barrett Beard and Shallon Hunter. We will be representing Del Toro, Kiel James Patrick, Singer22, Dickies, SPREADhouse, and of course Grungy Gentleman.

MSP: What’s your favorite cocktail? 

Jace: Usually chill out with Johnny Walker Black. If I feel like a cool cat, I hit up Johnny Walker Blue or Macallan 18.

MSP: Who/what would you say is the next big thing  going to be in men’s style?

Jace:  There is such a plethora of young talent out there in menswear; Band of Outsiders, Rag & Bone, Simon Spurr, Billy Reid, Michael Bastian, GANT Rugger, Riviera Club, Patrik Ervell, Baron Wells, Robert Geller, Miansai, and the list can go on and on. It is really nice to see.

Special thanks to Jace for taking the time out for this interview.

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