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Sewing…being self sufficient

Sewing…being self sufficient

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The day you learn how to use a sewing machine you become a very self sufficient man. My wife, Marina, got a sewing machine from her mother a few years back because she sometimes makes clothes and other things (she even got awesome tags with her name on it from her best friend to add to her original pieces). Anytime I needed to get pants hemmed or repaired I would come to her with a puppy-dog face and she would operate on my garments no matter what time it was. After a while, I began to badger her so that she would teach me the ends and outs of using the sewing machine because I wanted to start making my own pocket squares and hemming my own pants.

After getting the initial set up of spinning the bobbin, and properly threading the needle (which can be a challenge), I finally got into my groove of making pocket squares from some fabric that I purchased. I’ve been a bit apprehensive about hemming my own pants because I was nervous about destroying them. After measuring the pants from the inseam to about 30 inches, ironing the bottom of the pants to a nice crease and then using pins to hold the fold in place I head to the sewing machine.

Finding the right line up point, slowing and very cautiously pressing the pedal I begin my journey of hemming my pants. After completing one leg, I take a deep sigh of relief and start the next leg. Rounding the end of hemming the second leg, I hear the most unpleasant sound. The sound was of the needle of the sewing machine breaking. The needle hit the head of one of the pins I was using to keep the fold in my pants. Sweat begins beading on my forehead and I have a few seconds of panic. Running to my laptop, I head to the AC Moore website to look up the cost of sewing machine needles and to my surprise they are only $4.00 per pack.

Next morning, I head to AC Moore that is ar0und the corner from my house and grab two packs of universal needles to repair the machine. Once arriving home from work, I repaired the sewing machine and finished my hem job. Needless to say after all of the trouble it was a pleasure completing a sewing project on my own and keeping my wife happy knowing that I didn’t really break her sewing machine.


Perfectly self hemmed pants and repaired sewing machine




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