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Thrifted Part II : Ebay your way to style

Thrifted Part II : Ebay your way to style

Warm Winter day in Philadelphia

The first blast of Spring weather has hit Philadelphia over the last week and everyone couldn’t be  more delighted. When people think Spring they think of new beginnings. Even though the next few months will be filled with new beginnings I wanted to give some life to some old clothes and style pieces.

I have mentioned in various posts that I am an avid Ebay shopper and I consider myself the king of a good bargain. Last year, I was seeking a vintage grey suit with a wider lapel than normal and I was able to find this suit for about $20 via Ebay. Word of advice, when purchasing any used clothes from Ebay make sure to get them dry cleaned because you don’t know what the last person was doing with it. The only additional work I had done on this suit was having the pants tapered.

Burgundy Leather Tassle Loafers by Johnston & Murphy

A fair amount of men would never go sockless with their shoes, but, I say when the weather is fine go sans socks (sometimes). Purchase some Gold’s Foot Powder just to keep your feet dry. Adding a solid tie with a complimentary color shirt is a great way to add some color to your work outfit. Myself, I am a big fan of purple (or colors in that family) and green is a great complimentary color pair with it. This shirt is from Express and I picked it up for $3 from a thrift store in Sarasota Florida last year (French Cuffs!!!).

The Johnston & Murphy loafers were purchased off Ebay from a seller that wore them once and decided to sell them. Of course I jumped right on these shoes and made that purchase. This deal helped  save myself more than $200 off retail price.


Floral Silk Pocket Square and Rose Gold Arvike Watch purchased via

Do not be afraid of silk or floral print when it comes to your pocket squares, this is my message to all men. Now don’t go overboard on the prints and silk because you will begin to look like a woman, but, these elements add a cool twist of style to your look. This watch was a gem that I found on Ebay, but, I changed the band at a local watch kiosk to a heftier leather than the original band. People have a fear of purchasing from Ebay specifically from foreign vendors and I will give you some great insight. I purchased this watch from a seller in Japan that has a great seller rating and was easy to contact when needed. The watch cost about $7 and I received it in under two weeks.

So take a trip to and find some great pieces or at least browse around if you have the chance.

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PS: All of these photos were taken with my  BlackBerry Curve 8520 on walk outside on a lunch break.





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