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Silk Knots…French Cuffs Best Friend

Silk Knots…French Cuffs Best Friend


Men's Style Pro Silk Knot Collection

From time to time I do like to wear French or convertible cuff shirts that allow for the wearing of cuff links. Most cuff links that are seen worn by men are made of a metal material (usually in a square or round shape). The shape and signature stones may vary from link to link, however; I prefer to wear silk knots in instead of the traditional metal links because they add some great color and are always a conversation piece.


Men's Style Pro Wearing Silk Knots

Adding silk knots to a look will show that you understand that being formal does not have to be stuffy or traditional when adding the “extra 10 percent” details. Most silk knots are no longer made of silk, but,  some brands still use quality silk to make theirs. Most brands to make them using elastic which makes them cheaper, however; though they are made of a cheaper material they still look great.

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The Men's Style Pro wearing silk knots in my lapel "flower" hole.

To add some flare to a suit, add your silk knots to your lapel buttonhole (usually intended for a flower or boutonniere) of your  jacket. This addition gives your silk knots another job in your wardrobe as well as a compliment to some of the colors in your ensemble. Brands like Brooks Brothers, Thomas Pink and Club Room all carry silk knots most running about $10 per pair.


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