Booted and blazered


Boots by Asos - Shirt & Tie by Club Room - Jeans by Levi - Blazer & Cardigan by H&M


Recently, Joe from wrote a post about the light brown, brogued captoe boot from Ironically, the day that he posted about these amazing shoes, I received them in the mail. As mentioned in the post, these boots are a great way to break up the blue blazer look adding a pop of color and style to your outfit without going over board. Personally, when wearing a denim look with a blue blazer I tend to wear a slim/smaller fit blazer to take away from the overly dressed up nature of a blazer (some may not be to apt to sizing down). These boots are refined enough with the brogue detailing and slender fit that they can be worn with a dress pant or suit (primarily a heavy wool,cotton or flannel).

As for the wave of leather boots that have hit the market you will see many wingtip and brogue brands. The key for finding the right style that will work for you is checking the silhoutte to see how the shoe actually look on your foot coinciding with how your wear your pants. Brands like Florsheim, Grenson, and Stacy Adams have made some great dress boots in lace and slip on versions that would make a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. For a more reasonably priced pair check Ritano boot for $78 or the boots pictured above from

Sabir M Peele

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  • Pepe

    How true is the Asos boot size? For example, Clarks seem to run big and I had to go a full size down.

    • Pepe,

      The Asos boots are true to size. Truly a great fit!

  • Hey Man – what size are you normally? I wear 9 1/2, but they only seem to come in full sizes. What do you think?

    • I’m a size 10 shoe. They are pretty true to size with just a bit of breathing room.

      • Hmm, could be a little too close for comfort. I’ll think about it though. Thanks dude.

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