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The Gingham Experience

The Gingham Experience


Gingham shirt by Club Room and Bow Tie by Countess Mara

By adding a gingham pattern shirt to your suit (or work) outfits is a  great way to pull some character into what you wear. Often called “picnic table pattern”, gingham is distinctive in its color over white checked pattern. Traditionally, most people reserve their gingham shirts for the spring or summer because the pattern tends to lend itself to more festive and warmer times of the year, I say throw that notion out of the window. Rotating gingham into your fall wardrobe will help break up the plaid that is synonymous with cold weather months. The best way to pull an entire gingham look together is to pair it with a solid tie or a striped tie. The opposing patterns work well in playing off of each other and shows everyone else that you are not afraid step out of the simple white shirt crowd.

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