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Plaid Pants: Volume 1

Plaid Pants: Volume 1


A great addition to your wardrobe are plaid pants. I picked these “plaids” up from Banana Republic over the past weekend and wanted to show one way to pair them up. The versatility of plaid pants lies in the fact that they can be dressed up with a blazer and tie (varying styles of ties can be worn) or dress down with something as simple as a sweater. Today, I went for the in between with a waist coat over a button up shirt. This particular pair of pants are grey and tan wool which will give you a few options of what tops can be paired up  (ie, colors,fabrics,styles). Going with a waist coat with dress pants will still leave you dressed up at work and stylish at the same time. The waist coat pictured is a tan herringbone playing off of the tan of the pants. Keep in mind the fit of your pants to make sure they are not too tight or too wide in the leg. See you tailor and go over the your ideal “fit” in the that case you need to get them tapered. These particular pants fit perfectly.

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