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Style Tip: Blue Blazer

Style Tip: Blue Blazer

Sabir M. Peele with different Blue Blazer looks

The Blue Blazer should become a staple piece in your wardrobe. As a staple piece the blue blazer should be versatile and at the same time be very classic. Here a few tips in Blue “Blazer-ing”:

Rule # 1: Tailored fit will give you a more refined look.

Rule # 2: A less structured blazer in the shoulders will give the blazer more versatility to be worn with dress pants or denim.

Rule # 3: Check the fabrics. Cotton blazers are a bit more wearable in combination with other fabrics. If you want your outfit to look a bit “dressier” your blazer may be best in a wool/flannel/silk blend.

Read more about the Blue Blazer in my article;

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