Bonobos, the legendary menswear pant-maker, teamed up with GQ to curate their Holiday Gift Guide for 2011. The breakdown of this particular guide will be very helpful for anyone shopping for a guy this holiday season and have no idea what to buy. All of the clothes and accessories are broken down in the five categories which are The Classic Guy, The Business Guy, The Adventurer, The Wild Card and The Athlete. Like most guys, we are hybrids of all of these categories, so feel free to mix and match styles. With the options that these categories give you (and great price points too!), Bonobos will be your once stop shop for the most stylish menswear gifts this year.

Click on the pictures to head to Bonobos full site where you can make some holiday purchases (Click the “Gifts By Personality tab)! Some of the photos for the guide were not available, however, once you go to the official site all clothes are available.

The Classic Guy

The Business Man

The Adventurer

The Wild Card

The Athlete

All photos and guide provided by Bonobos.



  • I consider myself a classic guy but I want everything on the Adventurer’s card!

    • Yeah,

      I want a little bit from all of them.

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