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Men’s Style Pro x Modasuite

Men’s Style Pro x Modasuite

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Modasuite has teamed up with a few bloggers to collaborate on curating style picks from their collection. It is an honor to say that Men’s Style Pro has been chosen as a Guest Style Editor for the Blogger Picks Page. Below you will find an excerpt from my picks, however, click the banner(s) to see the picks of bloggers from Avenue Swank and The Transformed Male too. The cool thing is that if you want to purchase any piece from our picks, just click on them on the Blogger Picks Page.

I am all about classic menswear pieces with a slightly unexpected twist. The mixed grey Corleone double breasted suit really embodies classic suiting with a modern fit, modern button stance and pop of color with the red felt under-collar.” Click here to read more.

Here is an update on all of the Guest Style Editors via Modasuite’s blog.

Thanks to Modasuite for letting me be apart of this project.


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