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Making The Case For Birkenstock Sandals

Making The Case For Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock EVA Arizona Sandals

They’re Not Just For The Crunchy-Types Anymore

Besides CROCS, I can’t think of a more polarizing piece of “chill” footwear that the Birkenstock sandal. Easily touted as the preferred footwear of the upper Northeastern, liberal college attending, pot-smoking, Phish loving elite, Birkenstocks definitely have a crunchy history.

Recently, the brand has become a favorite of street stylers, fashion magazine editors due to collaborations with major designers like the drape-GOD Rick Owens and fashion house Proenza Schouler. With this added credibility, it’s become fashionable and culturally relevant to let your toes see the sun in a pair of Birkenstocks.

Now, the real question is — can a guy that swore off these sandals all of his adult life get on board? The answer is…

Men's Style Pro wearing Birkenstock Sandals
Birkenstock Shop

Yes. But, it took some surprise convincing to bring me around to the Birkenstock side. A close friend, Paige Wilson of @theMilfFiles works in retail and while visiting her store we happened to be standing next to a Birkenstock display. Of course I talked about my aversion to the sandals, but, I did say if I was was to ever wear a pair, I’d rock the Black Arizona EVAs.

Surprise, surprise, Paige sent me a pair for my birthday last month (thanks homie). Like anyone, I threw them on immediately because I love new sh*t too. Almost instantly I understood the attraction to the Arizona version of these sandals.

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  • They’re oddly comfortable. After about a day, I kind of forgot that I needed to break them in. The footbed molds quickly
  • The EVAs are damn near waterproof and can be wiped down easily after each wear
  • They’re studier than expected. My foot isn’t all of the place and the straps are secure
  • For a spring/summer sandal they are way more chic than a pair of athletic slides
  • With many color/design options, they can be paired casually or with a summer suit

MSP x Birkenstock Arizona EVA Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Based upon all the factors above and my 30+ day wear test, I’m can say I’m a convert and this won’t be my only pair of Birkenstocks sandals. If you’re looking for a gateway style, the Arizona EVA should be your first choice. They’re easy to wear, no fuss and can be your go to beach/pool shoe. Get ready for a gnarly strap tan though

Birkenstock EVA Arizona Sandals
Birkenstock EVA Arizona Sandals
Birkenstock EVA Arizona Sandals

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