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Pin Culture: From Club Affiliation To Street Style

Pin Culture: From Club Affiliation To Street Style

Lapel Pins From Men's Style Pro

From Lapel To Hat, Pins Make Their Mark On Your Style

Enamel lapels are commonplace in the street style landscape today. From
ironic pop-culture symbols to meaningful affiliations, these pins are
everywhere and have no sign of slowing down. Over the last few hundred years,
lapel pins have been used to signify rank, membership in a specific society
(greek organization/honors society), today, they’ve become more of an extension
of a brands advertising, garnering collectible status.

Some brands have tapped into their colloquial relevance by creating pieces that only locals would understanding like South Fellini‘s “Tasty Jawn” & “Jawn” pins pay homage to Philly’s of Tasty Cake & WaWa, respectively.

Lapel Pins From Men's Style Pro

Most of my pins reside on my leather jacket, however; I do transfer my bee
pin to the lapels of my suits & blazers. For me my pins represent my individual style and brands that I have worked with in the past. My GQ & Bee pins mean the most to me. During thefirst event that I co-hosted for GQ back in 2014, I was given my pin so that everyone knew that I was working with the brand. This was just when I started running Men’s Style Pro as my full-time job and was working with my dream publication.

My bee pin represents my family name — Peele. On the Peele family crest, no matter the iteration, there’s at least one bee present. Below is a list of a few of my favorite brands that carry lapel pins.

Let me know some of your favorite pins in the comments below!

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South Fellini
South Fellini

This one’s for all my Philly peeps. South Fellini has taken iconic Philadelphia icons like the LOVE Park sign, WaWa and even the Philly Phanatic and given them their space in enamel pin history.

Goorin Bros Hat Shop
Goorin Bros Hat Shop

Goorin Bros Hat Shop is one of the most renowned names in handcrafted headwear in the U.S. From wool fedoras to straw sun hats, Goorin Bros knows a thing or two about a good brim. To adorn those beautifully crafted hats, Goorin has a collection of brass and enamels pins that are both cheeky and culturally inspired. If you’re looking for pins with some history, Goorin is the place to go.

Pin Trill

PINTRILL can be hailed as the brand that single handedly made pins go mainstream in the last decade. By touting the 100 pin, tons of emojis pins and collabs with Basquiat and Keith Herring– PINTRILL is the pop cultural enamel pin king

Lapel Pins From Men's Style Pro
Lapel Pins From Men's Style Pro
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