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Perfecting The Skin Fade
Ethos GSFM Skin Fade
Breaking Down The Universal Fade

A proper haircuts can change a man’s outlook on life or at least their. And, that time in your barber’s chair is the modern man’s therapy session. Besides chopping it up with your tonsorial doctor, the haircut is the most important part of the trip. As any guy can agree, after getting a fresh cut, you instantly feel like a new — but, the process of getting that cut in more intriguing.

In the post, I visit my barber, Sean Robinson of ETHOS GSFM here in Philadelphia, where he breaks down how he perfects my skin fade, which is one of the most popular men’s haircuts.

Enjoy the video below and please subscribe to Men’s Style Pro’s YouTube channel. To book an appointment at ETHOS GSFM, click the button at the bottom of this post.

Ethos GSFM Skin Fade
Ethos GSFM Skin Fade
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