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The Belgian Loafer Flex: Yoshinos by Lavish Blanc
Lavish Blanc Yoshinos Belgian Loafer

Taking Go To Hell Kicks To A New Level

florals for fall, actually ground breaking

The Los Angeles based footwear and accessories brand — Lavish Blanc, recently released one of the most eye-catching Belgian loafers on the market, The Yoshinos. With the addition of a roped tassel, as opposed to a tradition leather mini-bow, these Belgian loafers mix old & new school elements flawlessly.

Lavish Blanc Yoshinos Belgian Loafer

Yoshinos – Lavish Blanc $210

How They Made It On MSP Dopest Sh*t

Belgian loafers have a slightly snobby #menswear air about them, but, adding this floral paisley pattern actually makes them more fun and approachable. Also, the ability to make this shoe pop without adding studs or sequins — which would have taken this shoe from a work of art to a misguided art project is applaudable.

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How To Rock It

  • Pair it with an all-black everything jean’s and t-shirt look
  • Or, pair it will your favorite black tuxedo for an immediate style swerve
Lavish Blanc Yoshinos Belgian Loafer
Lavish Blanc Yoshinos Belgian Loafer
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