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To Brunch & Back at Square 1682

To Brunch & Back at Square 1682

Brunch at Square 1682 Philly

Brunch Just Got A Bit More Luxe

Recently, during a much needed and enjoyed staycation at Hotel Palomar here in Philadelphia, I dined at the attached restaurant Square 1682. Dinner was tremendous, especially the delicious surf & turf that I devoured — but, the highlight of our culinary adventure was brunch on Sunday morning.

Brunch at Square 1682 Philadelphia

As a Philly-boy, raised by his southern grandmother, I’m no stranger to a Sunday breakfast of chicken & waffles. But, let me tell you, Square 1682’s Duck Wings & Waffles are the luxe remix to one of my favorite childhood dishes. With a slight kick, the duck wings are decadent, savory and perfectly balanced by the rich waffle w/ maple syrup.

Have you ever eaten something so delicious, that you felt you were doing something naughty? That’s how the duck wings & waffles made me feel.

– Myself (Sabir M. Peele)

Newly appointed executive chef, Mackeson “Mack” Horebe has revamped the entire menu at Square 1682 infusing his Haitian roots into each dish, which includes those savory/spicy duck wings. For an even more savory dish, be sure to order the sweet potato hash w/ sunny side up eggs.

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Cocktail Party

Rockstar bartender, Christian Diaz has spruced up the cocktails menus with a series of drinks that are twists on the classics. His Spring Time in Georgia is a sweeter and smokier take on the traditional Old-Fashioned. Mixed with Old Forester bourbon, spiced black tea, vanilla, walnut bitters and an expertly smoke peach the Spring Time in Georgia is made for sipping.

Square 1682 Brunch
Brunch at Square 1682 Philly
Surf & Turf plate at Square 1682

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