Oliver Wicks Burgundy Men's Suit

Not Your Basic Burgundy Suit 3 Ways


Because, you’ve got enough grey & blue suits in your closet


A Little Business 

Sabir Peele in Oliver Wicks Burgundy Suit

Photography: Austin Horton

Burgundy Wool/Silk Blend Custom Suit – Oliver Wicks | Black & White Striped Knit Tie – An Ivy Copenhagen | Mini Check Shirt – Twillory | Whole Cut Black Oxfords Shoes – Incedo


Adding one suit to your wardrobe that is wedding, drinks & party ready is worth the investment — so go with a wine colored hue that can pull triple duty. Over the past few years the burgundy suit has been a red carpet staple & even if you’re not accepting any awards, the deep saturated suit is a an unexpected flash of style.

[divider]Work Ready[/divider]

A burgundy suit may not work in the traditional corporate environment but, with a few tweaks you could crush the office and then head to a gala afterwards (the latter might not happen, maybe you could crash one).

  • Opt for a mini check or a black & white bengal striped shirt. A stark white shirt is too formal
  • Adding knit tie keep gives this look more personality and adds a casual vibe. Stripes are optional, but, their a well-received suggestion

Oliver Wicks Burgundy Men's Suit

Oliver Wicks Burgundy Men's Suit

Oliver Wicks Burgundy Men's Suit

Men's whole cut oxfords


Pattern Play 

Oliver Wicks Burgundy Men's SuitBritton Navy & Red Shirt – Sproos | Custom Burgundy Suit – Oliver Wicks | Oxblood Wingtips Oxfords – Johnston & Murphy | Gold Fairfield Weekender – c/o Timex 


You’re taking a style risk by rocking a burgundy suit, so don’t be afraid to add more flash with a micro pattern shirt. Why do micro patterns work? From far away, the pattern looks solid and they’re not too “in your face”. 

  • This look is great for an evening party, so ditch the tie
  • Colors are key. Navy, tan, oliver green & red should be your go to choices

Oliver Wicks Burgundy Men's Suit

Gold Timex Watch

Johnston & Murphy Oxblood Oxfords


Somewhat Groovy 

Oliver Wicks Burgundy Men's Suit

Tan Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater – H&M | Custom Burgundy Suit – Oliver Wicks | The Martin Whole Cut – Paul Evans 


Take a cue for the 70’s and rock a turtleneck sweater with this suit, but, be sure to lighten up your color palette. The tan sweater is a neutral contrast to the rich burgundy of the suit and complements the buttons and shoes almost perfectly. 

  • Maximalism is key! Go all the way and add some gold accessories to this look (i.e., gold watch). 
  • A pair of blonde tortoise shades keeps the look sleek and festive without being costumey 

Sabir Peele in Oliver Wicks Burgundy Suit

Sabir Peele in Oliver Wicks Burgundy Suit

Sabir M. Peele in Paul Evans Whole Cut Oxfords

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