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My Style: Interview with J.R. Moore For Men’s Health

My Style: Interview with J.R. Moore For Men’s Health

J.R Moore For Men's Health My Style Interview with Sabir M. Peele

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview country music artist, J.R. Moore for Men’s Health. J.R. has been in the music game for over a decade and will be launching his debut solo album in early 2015. Our conversation was all over the place, but, we talked about his style, knives, booze and staying fit. Below is a snippet of our interview. Catch the full feature plus two My Style Videos here –

J.R Moore For Men's Health My Style Interview  with Sabir M. Peele


Interview With J.R. Moore for Men’s Health

SMP: What’s your craziest show moment?

J.R.: This story will blow your mind! I can’t remember where I was playing exactly, but I remember my band was opening for David Allen Coe. As soon as we play a few notes, the crowd started booing us like crazy. We come down off the stage and the bar manager pulls me aside and says, “Hey, here’s a switchblade! This crowd might be a bit tougher after the show.” Anytime someone hands you a knife at a show, that’s a truly crazy moment!

SMP: How would you describe your personal style?

J.R.: I would say my style lives somewhere in the classic, casual-hip zone. I don’t tend to lean too far into what’s super trendy with patterns and such (I already wore neon in the early 90’s. Not sure it worked for me then, either).  But I also had a biker bar owner tell me that he doesn’t get too many preppy types like me in his bar, so I guess it evens out. I think my go-to’s would be a black pair of Levi’s 511 jeans, a pair of Frye lace-up boots, and a J.Crew chambray button down shirt.  I think my routine for picking out clothes is mostly based on what’s clean, and how hot (temperature) I will be in it.  You could certainly make an argument that I should put more consideration into it, but I’m just not sure I have time to.

SMP: I can’t grow a solid beard to save my life. How do you manage to execute your perfect stubble?

J.R.: I’m so lucky that this scruff look is in right now because this is good as it gets for my beard. After about three days without a shave this is what I’m left with and nothing else grows. I guess you can call it “good genes”.

Read the full interview and check out J.R.’s exclusive My Style Videos here –




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