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Brand Review | ShirtCycle

Brand Review | ShirtCycle

Shirt Cycle via Men's Style Pro

For guys, shopping for the perfect shirt is becoming more convenient with the launch of the online subscription service, ShirtCycle. At this point you can be a bit tired of subscription services, however; if you’re the guy that’s starting to build a wardrobe from scratch or you’re doing a complete overhaul, you should check out Shirt Cycle. What really stood about Shirt Cycle as oppose to other subscription box services is that they send you pieces that are tailored to your lifestyle (dress/business/casual) and they’ll email you prior to the pieces going out to make sure that they’re pieces that you want. To get more specific, they’ll add shirts to your order that match your skin & hair color, workplace and your everyday wardrobe. At a price of $250 per month, you will be receiving three completely custom shirts at your door (of course you’ll have the option to skip a month and/or swap shirts). With a roll out delivery date of this upcoming August, Shirt Cycle has launched a Kickstarter just to raise some funds to complete the minimum order for distribution. 

Sabir Peele in Shirt Cycle

 Free Custom Try On Sample Shirt – ShirtCycle | Silk Knit Tie – The Tie Bar | Silk/Linen Pinstripe Suit Pants – Hackett London | Calf Skin Loafers – Paul Evans

The Sample Shirt

The shirt that I’m wearing is my free sample. Overall, I’m satisfied with the fit, however; there’s a slight pull under the arm pit (which can be adjusted). 

The Process

You have two options in setting up your account which are via you PC or mobile device. Since I wanted to challenge the brand and decided to go with the mobile options. 

  • Time of ordering, just around 8 minutes.
  • You’ll use measurements that you already know, so you don’t have to go through an extensive measuring process. Typically, you’ll enter your neck, sleeve length and waist measurement.
  • Got a shirt that fits your perfectly. Have someone take a picture of you wearing it and send it with your profile.
  • From there, you’ll receive a free sample. If, everything is perfect, you’ll just let them know and your monthly shipment of 3 shirts will begin. 
  • If you need to take the shirt to a tailor, you can do so and send it as your final product back to Shirt Cycle (they’ll pay for alterations)

There are a ton of small options that are available to you like:

  • Monogramming on the shirt
  • Changing collar styles
  • changing cuff styles

Sabir Peele in Shirt Cycle


Sabir Peele in Shirt Cycle


Sabir Peele in Shirt Cycle


To learn more about Shirt Cycle head to .

Photography: Marina T. Peele (@Cantwinklefty)



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