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Music Fridays : Number 1 by Pharrell feat. Kanye West

Music Fridays : Number 1 by Pharrell feat. Kanye West

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For this week’s installment of Music Friday, I present Pharrell featuring Kanye West in the video “Number 1“. Released in 2006 and featured on Pharrell’s solo album, In My Mind, Number 1 is easily one of the most stylish videos of the last decade. Super director, Hype Williams, put his quintessential chic-futuristic touch on the video and from their Pharrell & Kanye added their trademark upscale prep/Italian style in terms of wardrobe. If you want to give this video a regional style classification I would go with Italian with a mix of Miami (Italiami…making up words).

Some Style Takeaways From this Video:

  • Tailoring matters.
  • Camel is a great color complement to an all black out. Pharrell uses a camel-colored belt to break up his black top and trouser look.
  • Bold solid colors are grounded well with a crisp white top and dark wash denim (see, Kanye in Red/Green top with white button up shirt).
  • Tennis sweater are great for giving the illusion of a deep v-neck (with the contrast stitching), which can add some depth to your look.
  • Bold color trenches are eye catching and sophisticated choice for men (See Pharrell in Red Trench).
  • Rich colors like red, white & green work well with olive/darker skin tones (usually most tones that have a red hue).

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