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Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

I once read, that “a man doesn’t know who he really is unless he knows how to dress on the weekend”. Once you have gotten the work week’s looks down with great suits, sleek Oxford dress shoes and a brief case, all things seem to be set in the way of your style. But, what do you wear when the weekend hits and all that you have to worry about is getting dress to catch a movie or head to the grocery store? Here are a few of my relaxed weekend looks for a bit of inspiration.

Dressed Up and Relaxed

Shades by AJ Morgan | V-Neck Sweater by Zara

There are those times that you still want to be dressed-up, even though your overall vibe is relaxed. With a slight chill in the air, it is the perfect time to throw on some wool suit trousers with a v-neck wool sweater and be set to go. Keep the look simple. There is no need for a blazer or overcoat with this relaxed look. This outfit is perfect for those times when you know you might grab a movie, take a quick trip to the mall or maybe catch up with some friends over lunch.

Style Tip:

  • A v-neck sweater is great for a relaxed look and can transition from semi casual to ultra casual
  • Your wool suit trousers are versatile enough to stand alone without needing to add a blazer
  • Dressing relaxed doesn’t mean dressing sloppy. A tailored fit to your sweater and trousers is still necessary.
Wingtips Shoes & Driving Cap by Aldo | Donegal Pants by H&M | Argyle Sock by J.Crew | Leather Belt by Banana Republic
Rose Gold watch with Leather Strap by Alias Kim

Going  Flannel

Flannel Shirt by Merona | Sweater by Zara | Woven Belt by Club Room| Watch by J.Crew | Jean by H&M | Desert by Ugg

During these 55 to 65 degree fall days, it can be tricky finding the right way to layer relaxed pieces together without looking bulky (or to avoid just grabbing a hooded sweatshirt as your go-to option). Dig in your closet and pull out that flannel shirt that you probably only wear during your yearly family Thanksgiving football game. Using your flannel shirt as a jacket, throw it over a fine gauge sweater and jeans you will be ready to roll.

Style Tip

  • If you are not usually a sneaker wearer, add a pair of Ugg Desert boots (like pair Leighton Sand pair pictured) to your collection. They have the casual style and comfort of a sneaker and the sleek design and quality of a dress boot.
  • Wear your closet. Don’t feel the need to buy lots of new pieces for your wardrobe. Layering will stretch your style possibilities

Desert Boot by Ugg

Breaking Up The Canadian Tuxedo

Cashmere/Wool Sweater & Jeans by H&M | Desert Boots by Ugg

Denim on denim has its place. That place is usually rodeos and trucker rest stops. One of my favorite relaxed looked is this soft denim shirt and similar jeans broken up with a beige wool and cashmere blend sweater. The broken-in denim shirt has great texture and its own natural shape that is much more relaxed than its Oxford style counterpart.

Style Tip:

  • If you going to do the   “Canadian Tux” (Denim Top and Jeans) look, go with a light color top and a darker bottom. Dark denim will start to look like a mid 1990’s Blackstreet video.
  • Don’t worry about tucking your shirt in 100%.  Let your shirt move, settle and contour to your body as the day moves forward.
Watch by Timex | Khaki & Army Green Watch Strap by J.Crew



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