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Transitional Shoe : Johnston & Murphy Brennan Oxford

Transitional Shoe : Johnston & Murphy Brennan Oxford

Making the transition from your summer to fall wardrobe can be a bit tough. One of the toughest things about moving forward with your wardrobe is deciding what shoes can make the leap from summer to fall. It’s almost time to put away sandals, flops and espadrilles and grab a sturdier shoe. Recently, Johnston & Murphy released a great shoe that blends classic wingtips design with a more casual shape to its vamp. The vamp of this shoe is less formal that other wingtip shoes because of its shortened and slightly squared silhouette. To be clear the vamp of the shoe is the front end.

Blazer & Oxford Button Down by Onassis Clothing

Johnston & Murphy Brennan Wingtip Lace Up

With the Brennan Wingtip shoe, you will have the ability to use these shoes as your dress piece to a casual look and vice versa. If you are the guy that is unsure what kind of shoe to wear on the weekend and still show some semblance of being style conscious. The Brennan Wingtip may be the right shoe for you. The sand color of these shoes are what I would call the antithesis of the white buck shoe that is popular in the summer and kind of loses it wearability come late September. As a complementary piece, you will want to pair these shoes with a slim fit pant because the quarter (side walls of the shoe where your feet enter) is set pretty high. With a high quarter, wider leg pants will basically swallow your shoes and you will look like someone who clearly doesn’t understand the proportions of their body. Pair these shoes with chinos, dark denim and, as you can see, white pants. Before summer comes to an end, throw these shoes on with a nice pair of tailored shorts too.

White Denim by Tommy Hilfiger

Special thanks to Johnston & Murphy (<— Click there to follow Johnston & Murphy via Twitter).

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