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Summer Chill : Relax Style

Summer Chill : Relax Style

It’s hot and you want to stay cool and still look cool. Being the flashiest dresser in the bunch does not mean your “look” is the coolest, it can often mean being the guy whose clothes are well-tailored for his body and for the occasion. The occasion can be a formal event or just a relax day doing just about nothing. Sometimes I just want to go down by the river and throw rock, however; I do not want to look like a twelve-year-old or Huckleberry Finn. For the grown man having fun look I decided to go with a white linen shirt and a pair of light blue linen/cotton pants from Onassis.


Check out the behind the scenes video of this shoot

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Summer Chill Video Behind the Scenes from Sabir Peele on Vimeo.

Linen Shirt by H&M | Cotton & Linen "BoardWalk" Pants by Onassis | Shoes by Cole Haan
Watch by Timex | Band by J.Crew

When there is a body of water around, the chance of me getting in is about 98%. Luckily in this case the body of water is a creek which bumps that likelihood of me taking the plunge about 100%. I decide to take it back to my youth and skip some rocks. In my youth, I could guarantee that you would find me wearing a t-shirt and some crazy shorts, however; I have now  settled for something a bit more age appropriate and more stylish at the same time.

Care Free Style:

The keys to this look are:

  • Sticking with light colors to beat the heat
  • Understanding that linen is just not beach wear (even though I am near water).
  • A linen/cotton blend does not wrinkle as much as a straight linen garment (Onassis Pants).
  • Even though this is a relax outfit, I did not skimp on the level of tailoring to keep my overall fitted style consistent
  • Roll up your sleeve on both your shirt & pants (dammit, it’s summer)
  • Sometime when purchasing linen you will need to size-down to get the perfect fit. Linen is not a stretchy fabric, it is actually pretty rigid. 

And of course it gets too hot…..

Belt by Clubroom | Shades by OC Shades Beckon Design

take off your clothes and go for a dip (just don’t get arrested).



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  • It’s well-nigh impossible to find decent fitting linen off the rack; people appear to want their linen even blousier than their standard shirts, and the manufacturers are all to happy to oblige. I found a slimmer short-sleeve linen (linen and seersucker are the only two things I’ll consider in s/s) at Zara last week, but it was on super-sale, so it’s probably gone by now. I had to size up quite a bit, as not only the torso, but the arms are quite trim.

    Much as I appreciate the genetics that allow decent size arms, I do not like to go about looking like the Hulkster.

  • Great post and tips about pulling off the look. I’m especially glad you pointed out that even though you were going for age appropriate, you still wanted to have fun. I also appreciate the comment about keeping your fit proper. I’m getting tired of seeing older cats dressed like teenagers. It just looks sloppy.

    Again, great post – looking forward to the next one.

    • Hi Johnnie,

      The key factors to anything that I wear is that I need to be able to run (from danger or toward something fun). I come from a very athletic background so I am use to being pretty active in anything that I wear.

      Thanks for dropping in,


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