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Casual Tips: The Everyday Cardigan

Casual Tips: The Everyday Cardigan


The Everyday Cardigan

Let’s face facts, everyday you get dressed does not need to be a “suit up” kind of day. When hitting the grocery story during the cooler months, you want to be warm but not be over dressed so that you can move around freely. Even though a place like a grocery store is pretty casual, by no means does that warrant dressing like a slob. You never know, you might me your other half reaching for some that same kiwi in the produce section and you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. To make life easier, a grey shawl collar cardigan can take your look from post college bum to man a casually well styled man with a plan.


With the temperature ranging from the mid 40s to the low 30s as of late, the need for layers and heavy winter coats have been a must. The weight of the wool shawl cardigan pair with a flannel shirt provides you with warmth when travels are short and outdoor time is minimal. Adding some leather gloves and dark wayfarer to this outfit will give some attitude without making you look like a poser. On a personal note, I was loading the groceries into my car in Wegman’s parking lot and a woman approached me and my wife to say, “Sir, you look amazing in that sweater, I wished my husband would dress like that”. So as you can tell without trying to get noticed for keeping your style fresh, you will still get appreciated by strangers. (P.s. roll up your cardigan sleeve to let your button up show a little.)

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Switching the look up for a more formal outfit is very simple with keeping the pants muted but with great detail with the donegal tweed. A subtle pop of color with the purple gingham and pull the look together with a navy blazer and brown wingtips can be all you need to give a different life to your shawl cardigan. The very neutral tones of the cardigan and pants act as a canvas for the rest of your outfit. Experiment with some color combos and patterns that fit your style aesthetic  and you can’t go too wrong. For more help email me here at

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