Style Tip: Adding taps to your shoes


Plastic taps added my Wingtips from Aldo

Each time you buy a pair of shoes you should stop by a cobbler and get them tapped on the heels and the tip (if possible). A great pair of shoes can be ruined very quickly without adding  taps or “heel guards” because the heels will get run down from daily wear. Adding taps to your shoes will help to extend the life of your shoes and they will save you lots of money from not having to buy new shoes are getting old ones re-heeled ever three months.



Getting taps put on your shoes will run about 6 dollars per pair which is a hell of a lot cheaper than purchasing a new pair of shoes. If you want to take the time and add the taps yourself (and be a bit more self-sufficient) they can be found on Ebay for cheap as $5.99. Do not wait until you have worn your shoes and the heel starts to lean before you get taps put on because you will have to get them re-heeled before adding the taps. Word of advice, just do not try to add taps to sneakers, it just doesn’t work.


Sabir M Peele

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  • M. D. Morrison

    This is a great tip! I wear the heels out perfectly good shoes b/c of my walking angle, but this will definitely help to buy me more time on my favorite kicks!

    • Thanks for Reading M.D.,

      The great thing about these taps is that they are cheap. They don’t add too much extra sound while walking either.

      • Great tip!
        Q, what type/size to choose from. I wear a size 11 shoe, what tip fit the profile?

        Kind regards,
        G Penney

        • Hi Greg,

          Since your foot is already long you show should not make it look much longer. A nicely cut captoe would work great. Even a wingtip would work, just watch out for some of the more modern ones that elongate the foots silhouette. I wear a 10 and I typically wear a more slender silhouette shoe because it looks the best with all pants and suits.



      • Hi Sabir,

        I was referring to the “taps” “TRAVELER” STEP Polyurethane Heel Plates on eBay.


        • Hi Greg,

          Sorry for the confusion, I would go with the 5 or 6 depending on how big the heel maybe. On the fronts i use a 2 if you sole is thick enough.



      • Great! I’ll go ahead and order right away 😉


        • Great. Most of my heels are the #5.



  • Angela

    I have a question… In the movie Godfather, character Luca Brasi walks a hall & it sounds like actual rolling balls or special taps to make noise were on his shoes. Was this a common practice for men in the 50s & what was the actual process called?

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