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Insta-Fresh: 5 Style Moves To Learn From Denny Balmaceda

Insta-Fresh: 5 Style Moves To Learn From Denny Balmaceda

Denny Balmaceda Men's Style Pro Feature
An OG Style Blogger That Continues To Flex On The Game

Lessons in original style for a true original

One of the OG’s of the menswear blogging game, Denny Balmaceda aka @Denny623 on Instagram, has been dropping inspiring looks since 2009. His website Denny Balmaceda Blog (aka Look Rich, Shop Cheap) showcases his knack for mixing vintage with modern, movie & music inspired editorials and his love of capturing beautiful moments. And he reps North Jersey like a boss!

As our first, Insta-Fresh feature, we’ve selected five-looks from his Instagram account @Denny623 that will inspire you to step outside of your style box.

Denny Balmaceda of @denny623

Big Buckle, Big Mood

Even though his shirt/hat are statement pieces, the Harley Davidson belt buckle is the true star of this look. Not overly large, the oval-shape is perfectly balanced by the diamond pattern of his shirt.

Denny Balmaceda of @denny623

Rep Your Team

Wearing your home team fan gear is often more miss than hit. Guys often try too hard to look like a bench warmer than a stylish fan. Balmaceda crushes this look by pairing a classic NY Knicks Starter jacket with patchwork jeans. It’s sportswear meets workwear. The wild car that works in this look are the black & white spectator shoes.

If this feels too advanced for you, try styling a similar look with a Chelsea boot.

Denny Balmaceda of @denny623

Brown In (Every) Town

Brown has been the color of the season (from sand, tobacco to chocolate), but, guys are still afraid to rock it outside of a pair of shoes. Try pairing a chocolate brown suit with a coral/pink shirt like Denny effortless does here.

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Plus, don’t be afraid to show a little chest. Being sexy is dope too!

Denny Balmaceda of @denny623

T-Shirt & Loafers

Pairing a simple t-shirt w/ a pair of tailored trousers is a underrated style move of the summer (all-year really). It’s the true definition of smart casual. And, by adding a loafer, you keep this silhouette of the look sleek and sharp.

Denny Balmaceda of @denny623

Sporty, Your Way

Second old-school style way of 2019 — The Track Suit. The unexpected pairing, a chunky soled loafer. It works because the sole is sporty and the brown/red/green colorway of the loafers, blend perfectly with the tracksuit.

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