3 Guys + 3 Brimmed Hats

People often tell themselves that they’re not a hat person — which is a personal choice, more than an actual fact. That being said, finding a hat can be a difficult task if you don’t have direction. We linked up with two guys who know their way around a fedora to discuss their love of brimmed hats. 

Photography by Lauren McGrath Photography

Ini Ikpe of @SuitGrid & @IniSIkpe aka The King Of Brimmed Hats

Ini Ikpe in Brimmed Hat from Goorin Bros

Hat: Freddie Temple (wide-brim) | Goorin Bros

Ini is a true hat wearing chameleon. One moment he’s rocking a traditional pinched-crown fedora with a denim jacket and canvas sneakers and the next a wide-brimmed flat top with a tailored suit. Hats are a second skin for this guy and I say this because I see him wearing one 95% of the time. 

Ini believes that “every man should have at least one hat in this closet! To me, a hat is a statement piece that can go a long way. When selecting a hat I always go for a wide brim hat. When it comes to color I prefer neutral color blacks, grays, browns, similar to a suit accessories are key, so I like to add pins to my hats to give it a bit more edge.”

Ini Ikpe in Brimmed Hat from Goorin Bros

Ini Ikpe in Brimmed Hat from Goorin Bros

Jason Silen aka The Hat Pro | Store Manager At @GoorinBrosRittenhouse

Jason Silen of Goorin Bros Hat Shop Rittenhouse in Brimmed Hats

Hat: Dean The Butcher – Goorin Bros

Jason is a resident hat aficionado and the official shopkeeper at Goorin Bros Hat Shop in the Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia. Aside from his immense knowledge about hats and millinery, he brings an effortless style to wearing a hat.

Seems like Jason is very straight forward with what he looks for in finding a hat. “Personally for me, what I’m looking for is a little versatility, ” says Silen. This is where many guys fall into a kind of hat trap when they only have a hat that’s worn for certain occasions. 

“I love a classic wide-brim black fedora — it’s a hat that I can pair with everything. I don’t tend to follow the normal rules, like how the pinch in the crown should match up with your chin. For me, it’s about finding something that speaks to you and your personal style.”Jason Silen of Goorin Bros Hat Shop Rittenhouse

Jason Silen of Goorin Bros Hat Shop Rittenhouse

(Don’t  Try This Lean At Home. You Don’t Have The Sauce)

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