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Secret Agent Suiting: The Track Stripe Suit

Secret Agent Suiting: The Track Stripe Suit

Sabir M. Peele in Oliver Wicks Track Stripe Suit 2

A favorite of international men of mystery, the herringbone track stripe suit maybe your ace in the hole when selecting your next suiting fabric. With the latest iteration of the James Bond series Spectre being released recently, I decided to take a stab at my best 007 inspired look. 

This custom track stripe pattern suit is from Oliver Wicks‘ new collection of fabrics that are available online. Below find out why I’ll be making this my go to grey/charcoal suit for years to come. 

Sabir M. Peele in Oliver Wicks Track Stripe Suit 2

Custom Super 150s Wool Track Stripe Suit – Oliver Wicks || Custom Two-Fold French Cuff Shirt – Oliver Wicks || Charcoal Herringbone Tie – Uniqlo || Watch – Nautica || Black & Grey (James Bond) – Cheapest Nato Straps || Custom Whole Cut Oxford Shoes – Incedo 

I’ve often found that grey/charcoal suits can be quite boring without a subtle pattern or standout textural element. When I saw the track stripe fabric it was evident that there something that was more appealing than at a first glance. As someone who looks for details that make a suit subtly stand out, I’ve already committed to make this charcoal track stripe suit my new go-to for just about everything. Here’s my take on the track stripe suit.

  • For someone looking to step into the pattern suit world, a track stripe in charcoal is a great way to ease into it
  • Like any subtle fabric, from afar the suit appears to be flat and a singular color. You’ll definitely won’t come off as the peacock in the room
  • The pattern detail is quite outstanding. Take a closer look. You’ll see that the pattern consist of 4 separate lines to create sets. Two darker & wider border lines bookend a pair of light grey perforated lines
  • Vertically speaking, this suits gives you a taller appearance because it draws the eye up the body
  • James Bond wear a notch lapel version of the track stripe suit in Spectre
  • Versatility Is Key: and this charcoal suit has it in spades. Pair well with just about every color under the sun, but, is perfect with white & the corporate color of blue, pink and lavender 
  • Pair it with black silk or charcoal tie and this suit now because wedding or evening event appropriate
  • Adding other textured elements like a wool or knit will help bring out the texture of the pattern in the suit
  • With the pattern being so subtle, this suit is perfect to pair with stripe & check pattern shirts. You can use this as a time to experiment with pattern mixing

Sabir M. Peele in Oliver Wicks Track Stripe Suit 7

Sabir M. Peele in Oliver Wicks Track Stripe Suit


Sabir M. Peele in Oliver Wicks Track Stripe Suit 18

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Sabir M. Peele in Oliver Wicks Track Stripe Suit 12

Sabir M. Peele in Oliver Wicks Track Stripe Suit 14

Photography: Marina T. Peele @Cantwinklefty


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    • Thanks DJ! It’s a funny thing about the boring business look. When you see the droves of guys in charcoal that have no personality, its really starts to make you look for an alternative within that space.

  • Great look, but I think the jacket would look better without shoulder padding since the sleeves appear to be quite tight. In some pictures it looks a bit odd.

    • Shoulder padding isn’t the issue. Shoulder padding is never the true cause of any fit problems. Narrow sleeves are usually what people blame on shoulder padding, and this jacket just needs wider sleeves. And what would a Bond-inspired suit be without shoulder padding? The Tom Ford suits in Spectre are super structured on the level of Savile Row suits.

      • Yes, I understand that the tight sleeves are the problem. I just made my sentence a bit unclear. The removal of shoulder padding is a rather tricky process and needs a good tailor to get the shape and length of the shoulder right. In the case of Sabir, he has quite a muscular build, so I think a natural shoulder suit would work better for him.

        • Hi @disqus_Y6o7OiIprK:disqus & @mattspaiser:disqus,

          Thanks for the indepth commentary. So, here’s the issue. I have many suits cut the exact same way, however; have natural shoulders. At this time, natural shoulders/unstructured shoulders isn’t an option at Oliver Wicks.

          Because of my build, that’s my default. I had the sleeve taken in slight post production because they’re was too much room and I didn’t want the suit to have the off-the-rack look.

          You’re both actually right in the end! Thanks for dropping by.

          – Sabir

    • Hi David,

      The watch is Sperry but the band is from Cheapest Nato Straps. The total price if you get all the pieces is just over $100. I don’t actually wear this one any more — so I’m willing to see it to your for $40. Email me at if you’re interested.

      – Sabir

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