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Brands To Watch: Cody Jepson Leather Goods

Brands To Watch: Cody Jepson Leather Goods

Cody Jepson Slow Made Leather Goods

the III Saddle Bag Cody JepsonThe III Saddle Bag (customization available)


Hailing from the UK, the new heir to the leather goods throne is Cody Jepson. Recently, the namesake brand launched an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign that was funded 4 times over. Specializing in slow-made leather good, Cody Jepson collection is a mix of satchels, square-cut corner wallet and music briefcases. If you’re into getting the bells & whistles in your leather goods, Cody Jepson offers bespoke options for many of their pieces. Just think, you can add an optional iPad sleeve to your satchel, plus custom fastenings. Cody Jepson puts the final touches on the pieces himself which guarantees quality, plus pure heart & soul. 

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A few months back, I was able to sample the Whitworth Wallet Carry and I haven’t stopped using it for my business cards since. The leather quality is by far some of the best that we’ve seen and hope for great things for the brand. To see the full collection from Cody Jepson check out

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