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Apps To Watch: Netpage™ x Esquire Magazine

Apps To Watch: Netpage™ x Esquire Magazine

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The paper and digital worlds have come together with the recent partnership Esquire Magazine and Netpage™. Using the Netpage™ iPhone mobile app, you now have the ability to clip, save, share and purchase some of the hottest items in menswear (and other random things that may pique your interest). Currently, the Netpage™ application is exclusive to the iPhone and is compatible with the December Issue of Esquire Magazine and all issues moving forward.

One of the great things about the Netpage™ app is that there are “no special codes, watermarks or special printings” need to use it. This application couldn’t be more simple to use. With the December issue, readers have the opportunity to support the Great American Things collection. All the items for sale in this issue are made in America and curated by Esquire Magazine and available

Men’s Style Pro Opinion of the Netpage™ App

Get this app!! I’ve used application that work with similar technology and this app really get it all right. My favorite feature is the ability to save images and purchase directly from pages on my phone. There have been times that I’ve wanted to buy something that I’ve seen in Esquire Magazine but wasn’t near a computer. Also, the app is Free (and who doesn’t like free shit  stuff (haha)). This is honestly the 1st review where I am giving a product a 10 out 10. Kudos to Esquire Magazine and Netpage for revolutionizing the reader/consumer interactive experience.

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